30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Up and Down…Round and Round.

It’s been quite a week…and yes it’s only Wednesday.

Monday I did a small Brick in the afternoon:

Cycle 40 min and run 2 miles.

While I was on the cycle the exercise physiologist at the gym stopped to see how I was faring.  I was huffing and puffing on the cycle but really was able to speak with him about the frustration I am feeling about my race being pushed back, and my sudden surprising decline in fitness. He was supportive, and understanding.  And then, he reached over and very sassily turned up the resistance on the bike.

11982240-woman-on-stationary-bicycle-with-personal-trainer-at-fitness-gymOut of stubborness, I kept it up where he had put it and finished the cycle.  it was one of my faster ones in a while.  Getting off the cycle, I had 2 miles to run.

Nuthin’  2 miles is nothing.  When I started it felt like a lot of brick runs feel… pretty lousy.


It never really got too much better.  I was discouraged.  I did not have a moment to see my coach, so I relied on his simple email and decided to not panic.  I still felt discouraged.

Oddly, I slept really well that night and woke up to Tuesday feeling loads better.  I went ahead and did the swim workout in the morning.  I misread the plan and swam 500 yards extra, but still felt fine.  The sunrise was nice.  I intended to confess my 500 yards to the coach later.  Later in the evening I did a very abbreviated weights workout.  When I looked up from my planking, my coach was no where to be found.  So I shrugged my shoulders,  500 extra yards may not be worth an email. I knew that while I did probably need to tell him about my extra 500, I was more disappointed about not being able to talk with him than anything else.

Today I woke feeling better than yesterday…so I strapped on my shoes and went for an easy 3 miler.  Later, looking at the plan, it was supposed to be an easy 2 miler.  Ah well.  After work, I was able to have a conversation with the coach.  He showed me photos of his friend’s children.  (His friend passed away in a motor vehicle accident 2 weeks ago.).  They broke my heart.  I felt so bad for the children, and then felt so good that my coach is helping really look after them, and then couldn’t really say anything because nothing I say felt like it did any of that justice.  I also felt a bit like a total Jerk for being upset about my set back.  Couple of things I know is that whatever someone is slogging though, it’s their stuff to stew in, and knowing others “have it worse”  can be helpful, but it doesn’t really take away the pain of the stuff that remains.  But I can see why it’s hard for him to even relate to my little woe, when the world just collapsed on this family.  So I am doing my best to just kind of be in the background, and continue training.

During work, I saw one of the cardiologists who I know from the gym.  He is an athlete and asked me “how’s the swimming, have you got any races coming up?”  See, it’s FULL ON RACE season in Florida, just as everyone else is winding down…we are pumping  it up.  I told him about my Red Yeast Rice adventure in about 7 words.  What’s nice about this was He understood.  He said, “I never prescribe that for my patients who do endurance, that’s terrible….” It was comforting to have someone understand, and not question or kind of say, “WHAT?”

Did a nice 14 mile cycle after that where my legs were just burning and churning.  I did move the resistance to the level of the “future”  and felt pretty good about it.

I am starting to embrace the Giant ZOmbie Hamster Race…



I am just going to have to become the woodchuck whisperer.  I think as things start to get back on track I am going to feel better and better. I really can not wait for that moment, because right now is pretty Unpleasant.



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