30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Week’s end.

This was an unusual week for me.

I actually did run a bit, and I also did a lot of swim and cycle.  But really it was a far cry from my recent weeks of 40 plus Miles per week.

I felt pretty dispirited about this set back.  It seemed unfair.  Life, of course is unfair.

I try to keep things in perspective.  This is a setback and even though it feels devastating it really isn’t.  If I never complete another Marathon in my life, I will survive.

It’s a funny thing though.  2 weeks ago when I realized what had occurred, I was pretty sure the effects would wear off quickly and that I’d still be running my half marathon.  As the time approached for the half…it slowly occurred to me that I couldn’t run the half.  At that point, i was fairly sure that I’d be back at training the next week.  When I got the set of workouts for that week, they seemed kind of short and such, and I admit I felt relief that they seemed manageable.  As I completed them and found myself EXHAUSTED anyway…it dawned on me that I wasn’t you know, bouncing right back…



So then I had the moment of shock.  What!  I’m slow again? OMG!!!!  I then had a few days to contemplate this, and feel quite sorry for myself, and wonder if this was some sort of punishment for something.  I kind of realized that this is one of those odd things that happens, and while it’s no one’s fault exactly, it is really something that I can use to learn from I suppose.  I also kind of was steeped in disbelief as in, I kept thinking, “Next workout will be better”  I made lots of excuses like, “Well, I was tired today”  or “not enough sleep”  or “Wrong nutrition”  Eventually on Friday, I realized things were not getting a load better.  I’m just not really where I was.  It was really depressing.

And  even when things are depressing, well, this is what I have to work with.

THis week I have been in constant email contact with the coach person, as well as lots of verbal contact.  He has been very available to me and supportive, but I do not think he actually believed that all that fitness was gone until I sent him some recent run times from the weekend.  Whew.  I am slower.

Being the person he is, sent me an email saying

Sounds like the legs are turning around a little. Lets build up slowly again. Stay hydrated. Don’t get in a rush or panicked. You’ll build fitness faster this time than last time.

That helped a lot, plus I had a nice conversation with one of our awesome professional triathletes.  She made me feel better about everything, oddly by just having a conversation with me about shoes.  By then end of it I felt as if I might be actually making some fitness progress.

SO this week, is another fairly easy week,  no increase in miles, some increase in intensity, and thankfully no more Swim/Run/Swim/Run workouts because I am a wimp and I found them cold.




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  2. I didn’t mean I “liked” your slow time and setbacks when I clicked on the “Like” button. I sympathize with you and know what it’s like not to recover as quickly as you’d like after being sidelined. Hope this week goes better for you. There just seems to be something about the “energy” in the air recently that has thrown everyone off track….

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