30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

taking stock

So today, I feel as if I am taking stock of where I am.

What a week for me.  I wasn’t feeling great, I acted like a not very pleasant person, not really on purpose, but as I see it, the result is what you get, the intent may not matter as much.  Results matter more than intent.

I’m not the runner I was 3 weeks ago.  My legs look find of funny, skinny.  All of my paces are about 1 minute slower than where I was before, and The EFFORT, oh the EFFORT.  Well, lets say it’s been not that easy to run these easy runs given by my coach.



So I am feeling discouraged.  Took a work break and went and saw my coach briefly on Friday.  I’ve been in communication with him all week, but it was pretty much a one way communication, which was kind of driving me nuts.  He is a person of few words, and there hasn’t been too much to say.  Workouts are going along ok.  He said, he thought I’d be ready to start training again in the upcoming week.  I asked him if we could get together and regroup.  He kind of said, yeah, it’s been like, 2 weeks, but then he relented, and said, yes we will do that, and that he would rework all the peaks and valleys for the new marathon.

I feel SO weak though.  I’m not really sure what is going on, sometimes this stuff is just mental.

I’m trying to get really excited about Tallahassee.  Frankly speaking…I was getting really tired of speed work.  So I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,  as I was going to train hard through November, and taper through December, and then Hit the race.


Retrain through November…train like a maniac through December.  Taper in january….Hit race in February.

I actually was a bit nervy about Jacksonville, as I hear the roads have a cant to them.  Last year, I ran the half marathon at 26.2 with Donna, and the roads did have the Cant, and my ankle never really recovered…So.  The giant Hamster, gerbil woodchuck will probably be better.

I just have to embrace it.  I need to embrace the build up again…and well, I have to admit there are some good things here.  Yeah, I didn’t have any awesome race times, but…I did have some great training.

So lets see…if I can actually refocus, and grow my muscles back.



  1. This is just a small setback, though I realize it’s hard to take on the heels of everything else that’s happen this week. Are you calling your coach for advice, or reassurance? He may want you to take responsibility for your own decisions and just go with it, rather than ask him, “Do you think I should….?” I know how you feel, however. My karate sensei says very little in the way of feedback. If I ask him how I’m doing, he gives these noncommittal “needs work” or “are you practicing your technique at home?” I finally realized I want him to be my “dad,” so to speak, and comfort me when I’m feeling crappy about my progress. He never will do that, however. He’ll give me specific pointers, but it’s up to me to deal with my feelings. Maybe it’s a guy thing, a reaction to my “I want you to tell me I’m on the right track/improving/am a good girl.”

    Hope you feel better, and you have better week ahead. The giant hamster race doesn’t sound so bad compared to the running on a cant.

    • Luckily, he is great at giving feedback! He definitely does not want me making any decisions on my own..I have found though that he much prefers me to ask. He is the one who insists on the daily feedback…though we usually do about weekly with a midweek verbal check in. This week he wanted daily, so he got it. He always says, “I like to know about everything, because it all affects how you are training, and I can adjust for that.” So, just having to get used to loving a Giant Hamster.

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