30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Unremarkable day…

An unremarkable day.

This is fortunately, or unfortunately.. the end of furlough days at work.  For some months now I’ve been taking off 4 hours a week, to reduce the budget.  It has made time management difficult, but it has been Dee-lightful for working out, and making appointments.

So today, I of course have no track workout.  Rolling-Eyes-Smiley7

So I got to work at 0800.  My car battery is malfunctioning.  On Sunday the dealership gave it a full charge and by tuesday, the warning indicator was going off again.  I will say, the dealership was reasonable.  They acknowledged the error, and took off the fees I paid for the “charge”  and replaced the battery.  Battery was over 4 years old, so…ah well.  It was extremely nice to bring the car in on a Thursday afternoon, rather than the weekend.  As I was sitting…I did a tiny bit of work related reading and such.  I paid a few bills via the phone and voila, new battery installed.  Very very pleased to not have car anxiety any more.

I did go and swim a bit over a mile.  And foam rolled….rumbleroller-foam-rollers

Luckily i was able to sell my rumble roller to the coach a few weeks ago and used a regular one.

Updating my coach daily, but not really getting any feedback from him.  Since things are going ok, I don’t see a need for him to respond, but sometimes I am a needy one.  He has been going through a difficult time lately, so I understand that my stuff is kinda minor.  So strange how all this stuff converges all at once.

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  1. This past week I have been busy with appointments and meetings, so I’ve had very little “free” time to relax and read or practice karate. Also, I ended up grocery shopping late in the afternoons when everyone else is shopping after work, which was kind of a shock. I’ve become spoiled not being tied to a work schedule. Not that I enjoy my “work” with Dad so much, but it’s nice to be able to run errands in the mornings—stop at the post office, pick up and return library books, call up repair guys and wait for them during the day without worrying about work. It’s just not so nice not getting a paycheck for doing what I do. I’m sure you’ll like seeing your paycheck return to full time again. 🙂

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