30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Monthly Archives: October, 2013


I started Week three of the build today.  I feel more beat up than last week, I think.   Main concerns I have are the tweak to the left ab muscle that is just acting real strange.  And possibly more concerning is a familiar ache that started in my ankle this morning.  Did not feel …

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Won that 20 miler, and Nerves and Niggles.

So yesterday was a 20 miler.  For many people this is the Crowning Achievement in a marathon training cycle.  They run one, then taper off for their marathon. Forgive me folks if this is you.  I am going to humbly suggest that this is really not the way to go.  I will add that my …

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Mid week update On Friday…Hmmm

Well….to be fair, Monday Through Friday have a set of workouts…and then Saturday and Sunday have their own Beast Mode workouts. This has been a pretty nice week.  Crazy busy and somewhat exciting. i finally got all the numbers in and calculated out the last quarter of data for some things that had been problematic. …

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Bob the Builder.

This was a tough week. Well, that would be the goal.  In addition to this goal, is a big lesson…. Trusting in the unseen. Heb 11:1 Now faith means that we are confident of what we hope for, convinced of what we do not see. This is something that I rather struggle with.  I’ve had …

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Wednesday’s child is full of….terrified!!!

Lately I have had the feeling that my days are all running together.  I am working like a maniac at training and at work, so I am having that kind of unsettled feeling as if something has been, or is about to be forgotten. This is the Build.  I remember it from last time.  For …

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On the Edge

Lately I feel with my training that I am on the edge of something good…     Unlike the last super speedy ramp up marathon cycle, this one has been very tough, but more steady.  I’ve been able to handle it better.  Physically my body is sore at times, but there is none of the …

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MG the Builder….

So… I’ve lived through the first 2 days of the 17 mile aftermath..Started the first of 3 very tough weeks called build weeks. On Monday I swam a little bit, and I do mean a tiny little bit…took 21 mins. I am now doing flip turns all the time, not for the “coolness” of it..if …

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