30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


I took a rest last weekend,  and this week has been a nice week of “active rest” so far.  No grueling workouts.  It seems this week, I just breeze into the gym, cycle a bit, and head out.

That is not entirely true, but it is a week of active rest.

I am slower than I was before this medication misadventure occurred. Not by a ton, but it’s apparent.

On Sunday I sent my coach an email asking about the potential for Jacksonville Bank Marathon.  It is 9 weeks away, and the price goes up on the 31st.

He told me it was just kind of iffy.  Asked about a different marathon. with similar elevations etc. at a later date.

I took a breath, and looked.  I mean what are you gonna do?

There is a brand new Marathon that is totally local.  But Everyone I know is doing the race or the half, and I think that would make me feel pressured.

Then I saw this one.

The Tallahassee Marathon  Small (only 308 finishers last year)  Very flat.  not a lot of spectators. My kind of race.

I printed the elevation off and handed it to the coach.  He said, Yeah, I like that.  Love the date.  February.  We agreed, nodded and moved on.

Because of my muscle damage, I’ve been on a super tight leash with working out and am doing a week of “active rest”  Funny thing about active rest, it isn’t that restful and frankly, the effort I am putting in with active rest FEELS the same as the effort I put in a few weeks ago.

I’ve had to send him an email or speak verbally with him after every workout.

Am I excited about Tallahassee?


images-2Note the hideous GroundHog theme?  Yes every year a Ground Hog appears on the T shirt and Medal.  Not so appealing to me, but then again, it’s SUPER Flat.  It is at a good time.  I just have to get over the fact that I pushed like a maniac through the very unpleasant summer months, only to have to essentially start over from scratch.

Right before my run I ran into the Coaches wife.  She is really a nice person.  I know she has been having a rough time lately (they have experienced a sudden death in their circle of friends).  She still took some time to find out what was going on with me, and tell me she had taken time to read some articles about it.  She seemed apologetic that she had done that, but I was grateful.  So few people understood the potential seriousness of it and I appreciated that she had done that.  She surprised me by saying, “You have been training at a very high level”  (not fast, but lots of training)  I still feel like I am in running 101.  She is still a faster runner than I am, with loads less work!  We chatted a bit about how she used to think she was an athlete until she met her husband.  I never thought I was an athlete, but I gotta agree with her.  I thought at times I was training hard, but WHOA, now I know what hard training is like.   I then, feeling quite relaxed, said something I wish I had not. It was something that had been said, kind of in passing, AGES ago.  She seemed ok with it, but as I went on my run I realized that, unintentionally I may have caused a problem.  This made my run just feel like CRUD.  I feel just awful.  it all came out wrong, and it sounded bad, and well, Occasionally I do this.  I’ve been really good lately, but today was my BIG day to be an idiot.  I hope she brushed it off, because really she should.  But, if I was in her shoes, I don’t know that I would.   So, we will see what occurs in the next week…days.  Hopefully all will be well.  I regret My big stupid talk before I think self!






  1. mizunogirl

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  2. I confess I laughed when I saw the groundhog on the t-shirt logo. I thought it was a giant hamster at first. Oh well. Maybe it’s an ugly logo, but I suppose if you’re looking for an opportunity to race, you could do worse. (Twin Cities Marathon during a freak early snow, mushy, cold, and wet?)

    I doubt if the coach’s wife took your comment personally. Everyone has their foot-in-mouth moment, but most times, we estimate its importance far more than the person we think we’ve hurt or offended. If it still bothers you later, you can always approach her and apologize. It’ll make you feel better, though I suspect it won’t be needed. 🙂

    • I totally have to agree, Large Hamster! But it is a good course and in a lot of ways it is my ideal kind of race, small and flat and in the dead of winter.
      I regret talking to her….because I feel like what came out of my mouth was just kind of dumb, I was trying to kind of relate to her, but it didn’t come out that way at all… and it actually just seems so so wrong now.

  3. Stop being so hard on yourself! First, it’ll take some time to come back to the level you think you should be, but you’ll get there. [Hmmm I see to remember someone (you) saying the same thing to me.] Second, let go of what you said. The fact it bothered you is good because that’s how we learn. If it’s really bothering you, you could seek her out, apologize and then move on. It may be a bigger deal to you than to her. I’m glad you’re feeling better and I’m glad that you have an alternate marathon to pursue. However, the picture on the t-shirt looks like a Godzilla Groundhog. hahahaha ;D

    • It is a Godzilla Ground Hog!!!! I mentioned that to the Coach man today. He kind of rolled his eyes at me. I’m just glad that I am healing.

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