30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Who is the Coach?

What a week of lessons.

I was really excited to run the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon this Sunday.  I mean REALLY excited.  I have not raced in a long time.  I wanted to get out there and I wanted to see what I could do with a bit of rest.  The weather was slated to be perfect for Florida and the course was nice.  My friends were running…

So of course I get hit by the super surprise of Rhabdomylosis.

This is actually Very very uncommon.  So I was surprised.  I had a very mild case and it was MISERABLE.  I find it hard to describe the pain that I felt.  It was kind of beyond comprehension.

It is over now.  Some lingering muscle weakness and fatigue.

However,  the effects are not over.  As one physician explained to me, “Your muscles are not like they were a week ago, they are weaker”

I have completed 2 short runs with no problems.  I really kind of wanted to still run the Half on Sunday.  I was thinking about doing it no matter what the coach said, but something didn’t feel good about that,  and here is lesson number 2 barreling in.  I was in such a debate because I had sent an email to my Coach asking “What should I do for the rest of the week?”  He didn’t answer it.  After thinking about it, I thought maybe he did not like being the one to make the call about my activity soon after this type of problem.  I also felt like I was bothering him, because we had so much personal and email communication this week that it was on the edge of “too much”  in my mind.

So having not heard from him this morning, I did a run /cycle workout which went well, but Slow.  I thought I was running a certain pace but to my great surprise I peeked at the watch and it showed that I was actually running a pace 2 mins slower!  So I have lost a bit of fitness.  I still was ok to do the run, but it was a short 4 miler and I kind of struggled to maintain the pace.  After, I was wiped out.

I decided to bring the coach something I had promised him today, and then thankfully we had an opportunity to talk.  He looked at me in utter surprise when I said, “I don’t know what to run for the rest of the week”  And said…”Didn’t I tell you to rest and do nothing?”  I said, well yesterday you said I could run, so I thought….”  And he said, ahhh..thats why I didn’t respond to your email.  I thought you knew to rest.  He gave me workouts for Saturday and Sunday.  Pool work.  Low stress.  I told him…. “Hey I realize that I kind of put you in a difficult spot asking what I should do after this mess…”  and he gave me the look

5197584-lg…and said, errr Derrrr, that is what I am here for…totally what I am here for.  Pretty amazing really.  Here, I thought I was being a PITA and kind of upset that I was bothering him AGAIN, and he was just as he usually is…

He asked about my run this morning, after I admitted to it…and said, it seemed a bit slower than normal… He gave me a side glance and said, “do you think that is because you are getting over some muscle breakdown?”  Errr…Derrrr.

So we moved along.  I was still rebelliously considering doing the half.  Typically when I do something he advises against, as long as it goes well, he forgives me.  He understands what makes me tick.  Ages Ago He advised against a race, and I did it anyway.  He knew I was going to, I think and asked me how it was, I told him I came in first and got a high five.  This time though things are different.

I then had a conversation with the other coaching person at the training center who is in general a good guy and knowledgeable…I asked a bunch of dumb questions.  And he asked me about focus etc.  THen he looked at me and said, and “WHO IS YOUR COACH?”  I said, well- you know…skeletor”  He looked at me and said, Then let him coach you.  Your job is to execute.  His job is to figure it out.  Stop trying to figure it out.

So yeah.  Going to DO what the coach tells me.


Extrapolating that into Life…well, many of us identify ourselves as Christians, or Jews, or Muslims…etc  I am a a Christian.  So who is my Ultimate Coach?  Yes, that would be Jesus.  How many times in life have any of us done something…against our Coaches wishes for us?  Jesus…wants us to lead strong and successful lives, so we can be strong and successful witnesses for him.  Sure we we run off and do something not that recommended, He will still love us.  But really…Who is the coach?  It’s our job to be his hands and feet…. not to just go off on our own and do something… So just like with training where we keep focus on form and nutrition, and the race to be run…in life we also must keep this focus.





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