30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

And the Burning Calf Saga continues.

So… the calf problem really continued through the night and kept me from sleep…

Here is a excerpt from the longest email in the world about legs.

On Friday… I started to have this kind of burning, soreness in my calves.  I chucked on compression and didn’t think too much of it.  It continued on Saturday, and I thought…well…the cycle will flush it out.  The cycle did not flush it out.  So, I did the 6 miler with this odd feeling super heavy lower legs and the odd tweaky feeling up in my hip area.  I made sure to walk on some of the bigger hills, it was quite warm out there.  I felt for the people doing the Tri.  Wow they had it tough.  
So after my run…calves still felt all burning…So I iced them, and the hip…went home, rested.  calves continued to burn, so much so I could hardly think of anything else.  Took an actual Ice bath.  Elevated legs way above head for about an hour.  took motrin.  Nothing really helped much.  Eventually took a Boiling hot epsom bath.  (Yeah water bill…gonna be high).  foam rolled.  Both calves felt like rocks.  Hydrated a lot.  Even tried quinine in water, really crazy. 
Got ready for the long and could not sleep because.. you got it….calves burning.  Eventually I got about 3-4 hours of sleep which helped the calves and now they feel sort of softer, and kind of like they are supposed to…still a little strange, what on earth is/was that?  It felt like a lactic acid burn but…lactic acid doesn’t hang round that long.  It is still there though reduced.  😦  
I was entirely unable to run my run today.    I got all my hydration planted, worried a lot about the higher temperature, and just in general felt like, “I don’t want to do this.”  The coach had told me to cut things short if my abdominal area wasn’t feeling it.  As I was planting water, I decided just to do 10-11 miles instead of the 20 planned.  This marathon cycle has been really lovely in that I do have wiggle room.  So I got to the trail head, felt a bit tired…and decided to just start running.  I felt “OK” running and had a few moments of “OK, I can do this”  but then…I noted that my abdominal area was kind of pulling and that I was having to concentrate on every step to keep it from bothering me.  Secondly I noted my calves were not feeling good at all.  NOT at ALL.
They had felt a bit better in the morning and I wasn’t really thinking about them…but as I was running they again felt pretty lousy.  So feeling very tired, overly hot and humid, sore Ab and sore calves, I just turned for home.
Got home and tried to sleep but found it difficult as I had just had a bunch of coffee….
Sent my coach the above email….and then as I was making a bit of breakfast, I quickly swallowed some medication and a huge lightbulb went off.
I finally had my bloodwork redone and saw the physician about it this week.  My cholesterol was a little bit elevated, compared to the last draw.  This is probably due to my lack of current dietary control..
On the plus side, my HDL- the healthy stuff, has always been disastrously low.  It is now 60mg/dl  which is EXCELLENT. and my Triglicerides are also down in a normal level.
So for whatever reason he decides to give me Red YEast Rice.  It’s an all natural thing that occurs in nature etc, popular in Chinese medicine.  I’m thinking OK…no problem.  I’ll take it.  I have been feeling really good with training, and work is coming along and so yeah, no problem. In fact, I purchase some and start popping the red Yeast rice pills.
Thing about red yeast rice is that it actually contains a small amount of a naturally occurring statin.  Oh yes.  And even though it is natural it has all the side effects of a regular statin….  such as Myalgias, fatigue, dizziness.  All of which I felt.  Thing is, I have been training kind of hard and sometimes feel all of those things ANYWAY.
I realized it after I popped the pill this morning.  As soon as I swallowed it,  a lightbulb just went off in my head.
I have never had muscle pain that did not respond to Motrin.
Soooo….will not take that again, visited over to the emergency department and had what is termed in the medical field,  A Curbside Consult  I admit at this point the myalgia was so severe I would have been willing to go through testing etc, but I wanted to see if it was really needed.  Discussed it with one of the ED docs.  He questioned me fairly extensively and we agreed that treating this like Rhabdomylosis was a good plan and that at home treatment would be “ok”  So most of the afternoon I have been sipping on water, electrolyte replacement, and such.  And making sure I an peeing clear, and lots.  I’d be curious to know, but at the same time I really didn’t want to pay a co-pay, and then for a bunch of lab tests and IV hydration none of which is probably needed.
Thing is I have an awesome fun half marathon on Sunday!  yes.  Sunday!  I just hope all the little myalgias shake out by then and that I’ll be up for running.  I was sure I’d have a PR, but now you know…the key is health, and no renal failure.
I heard from my coaching person.  He was great.  Told me “You are doing great! keep it up.” reminded me to “check my ego at the door”  and in general to move along.  So…we’ll see how things go…



  1. I’m marking this as a “like” not because I like to read about your being in pain, but for future reference. A couple of years ago, when I noticed my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were going up, a friend who is into alternative medicine told me to take red yeast rice. I tried it and thought nothing of it—it’s natural, it’s not a “real” drug, right? Until I began getting horrible cramps in my feet and legs. My calves particularly would become rock hard and ache so bad, I couldn’t sleep at night. I told the friend who had suggested the red yeast rice about this, and she said, “Well, of course. You know statins cause leg cramps, didn’t you?” I could have killed her, she was so casual about it. But anyway, I threw the red yeast rice capsules out and duly noted my reaction to even a mild statin. I’ll never fool with supplements again, at least not unless it’s been cleared with my doctor.

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