30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

And the training continues.

So, I did not do yesterday’s track workout.  I feel entirely LAZY.  That workout is one of the hardest ones I do weekly, and I usually am still tired from it the next day.  So today…not so tired. But my legs have started to get that bad knotty feeling.

Yesterday I pool jogged the speed workout.  It was a challenge.  I did 8 intervals of very hard “jogging”  just think of it as churning up the water.  I really didn’t enjoy it much, and kind of wished I had just done the track workout.

I then went and foam rolled.  ALOT.

Then went and had a 8 minute conversation with the coach man.  He is a funny one.  He told me he thought everything would recover.  He seemed to not really care about the speed workout.  he reminded me that I had 2 very solid long distance runs under my belt AND that I have wiggle room.  My race is in 11 weeks, not 4.

I kind of want to bask in that moment of goodness because who knows what can happen.

Today I swam my short workout and did some arm weights.  It felt like nothing. I feel like I am already on a taper, and of course, it is NO Where near Taper TIME.

Tomorrow I am back at it as far as I can tell.  I still have a wee bit of pain in my hip flexors and adductors, and I still can not sit up quite right, but…I can definitely run.  I took no motrin today  so that is an excellent sign.

Other good news.  Got my blood work done.  For the first time in my life my HDL- the healthy cholesterol  is 60.  This puts me in the Mayo Clinic’s  BEST category.  I was in the VERY high risk category before.  I am so excited that it is finally up.  Unfortunately, my total cholesterol was 226  so I still have some work to do….but having the HDL up is a wonderful thing.

I have a race on the 27th.  Not sure how what I can do in it, but am hoping for a small PR and a good time!

I feel pretty good, even though I missed one workout and have sustained a bit of a strain, things seem to still be on track.  Wahooo!

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