30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

totally unexciting post

I am taking a quasi rest day.

My hip flexors are still not quite right.  Got email from the coach telling me to just bag the 800’s workout.  I feel like a total slug, but he is correct, I have some pain that if I continue to just hammer at this stage, will just turn into a big horrible miserable mess in my groin.


Groin pain is terrible.  It is in a spot that is not really easily accessible even by foam rollers or anything, so one has to get creative in treating it, and also go to the massage professionals.

My pain is a lot better after my massage.

But it isn’t gone.  So upon getting a message at 5:30 am that said,  “Let wisdom prevail”  I bagged the workout.  I will try to do it in the pool, which isn’t really fun, but you know…

I feel entirely Freaked out.  Went to register for the Marathon before the price goes up and just  decided to wait one more week.  Price increase is October 31st.  I just felt too nervous.

ANy time I take an unscheduled rest day life seems out of focus and iffy.

So maybe I will feel better after I spend that time in the pool….




  1. I hope your workout makes you feel better. Sometimes I find it’s good just to stretch an injured muscle and let it “breathe” after I’ve been sitting at a desk all day.

    Do you know, by the way, if massage works on leg or knee pain? I started seeing a massage therapist for my shoulder, and she was great. She kneaded everything back into shape, and I haven’t felt any pain in several weeks now. Unfortunately, my left knee got blown out after stepping off of a curb wrong. (It was in New York, where the sidewalks were sometimes as high as a foot away from the street surface, which made crossing the street a huge deal.) It hurts like heck when I run or knead it however, so I’m concerned that massage might just make the pain worse.

    • mizunogirl

      Massage can make almost anything feel better. I am a firm believer in it. THe only thing my Massage perosn has not been ever able to really fix is my ankle. I am seriously thinking about trying Accupuncture on it. How are you doing with the Grandson withdrawal?

      • I’m not bawling every night now, thanks for asking. 🙂 It’s been hard, but for a variety of reasons, not just because I miss holding the baby. I need to write a new post!

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