30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Running and getting wet.

With the scare of the ab tweak… my swim/run/swim/run seems to have been dramatically shortened.


Took advantage of my manager and decided to go into work at 7, rather than 8 to get prepared for a meeting at 11 am.  As it turns out all the meeting prep that my manager seemed to feel was needed wasn’t needed, so wahoo.

I planned it so I could sleep in a tiny bit, do the workout in the afternoon and still have a Deep tissue massage.

Work was fine and the entire day was oddly overcast, not a normal Florida day.

I got out and headed over to the pool.  the workout was so short on the swim side it was kind of a joke.  Especially as I was feeling super slow on transition today.  I swam 200 yards.  8 laps.  and got out and ran 2 miles…hopped back in for 200 more yards and out for 2 more miles.

OK…this is crazy.  last week for this work out I swam 40 laps, ran 2, 40 more and ran 2.  I guess he really does want me to rest a bit.

Wish I could get a wee bit of running rest.  My janky ankle.

Too the ankle and ab to Mona the massage genius.  She yelled at me and I yelled because she was really hurting me.  In the end, I think she fixed my Ab…psoas it was all janked up.  and aggravate the ankle.


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