30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Mid week….

So today was sort of the proving day after the massage.  I woke up and found it was easier to actually sit up and get out of bed.

My hip flexor on my left felt like something unusual though.  My Psoas which was Messed up seems to have figured itself out.

My left ankle feels sort of strained still, but it even felt better.

I can not decide if I actually have a strain or an injury or if things just got so tight after the two big weeks…



The first half mile of my 3 this morning was really special.  It was painful and hard.  My hip flexors did not want to do what they are supposed to do, and well..wow.  i ran easy and by 0.50 things started to feel bearable, otherwise I would have stopped.  Did the 3 and was OK with the time it took.  Went to work.

Wore my awesome Zensah compression shorts all day.  They pulled on my skirt and were very annoying.  I also took 800 mg of motrin.  All of this did help and by this afternoon when I thankfully peeled off my shorts, I found getting into the pool pretty easy.

Swam a grand total of 500 yards.  Wow, nothing.

Got out, got dressed and hit the foam roller.  I was joined by Nina Kraft.  Nina has had her issues in the past, as have many many professional athletes.  I personally do not care.  She loves the sport, and she works hard.  On top of that she is friendly to us amateurs, no matter what level.  We chatted a bit on the rollers.  She gave me a lot of encouragement about my training plan and reminded me that my coach is a good good person.  Everyone needs a boost like that once in a while.  I meant to ask about her racing, but it just slipped my mind as we were both rolling out the flexors on softballs and small medicine balls.  Ouch.

Sent the coach an email about tomorrow.  Have not heard anything from him, so I will probably attempt speed work…but we’ll see…tomorrow is a new day.

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