30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


I started Week three of the build today.  I feel more beat up than last week, I think.



Main concerns I have are the tweak to the left ab muscle that is just acting real strange.  And possibly more concerning is a familiar ache that started in my ankle this morning.  Did not feel it yesterday but it woke up with me in the morning.  this is the ankle that got really janky during my last training cycle.  Well…it’s bothering me again.


I ran my 2 miles on the schedule, outside.  Normally I got to the treadmill on Monday to control the speed and for the softness of the TM deck.  Today I took it outside and did part of mile 2 on the soccer field.  Soft but I hate the soccer field.

Finished that off and went to give the coach some cash and some chocolate.  We had about 4 mins to chat and mostly discussed the Ab thing, taking things easy and He said, “Well you seem to be doing, um, great.”  I was all smiles, we were all high fives, and then moving right along.  We’ll see what happens.  I hope I seriously did not mess up the ankle.



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  1. I felt crummy before my karate test: I had a scratchy throat and was feeling none too good, and then I noticed that some of the kids were sniffling and coughing. Great, I thought, I’m coming down with a cold after all that training and working out. But I kept doing my warm-ups and took some ibuprofen and some Airborne. I don’t know if those actually helped, but I was able to get through my pre-test without collapsing or whimpering. 😉

    It’s just hard not to worry about these things when you’re preparing for something as big as a marathon or a belt exam. You want to be at 100 percent, but stuff happens. I think your coach is right, however. You’ll do fine as long as you take it easy and look after yourself. 🙂

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