30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Mid week update On Friday…Hmmm

Well….to be fair, Monday Through Friday have a set of workouts…and then Saturday and Sunday have their own Beast Mode workouts.

This has been a pretty nice week.  Crazy busy and somewhat exciting. i finally got all the numbers in and calculated out the last quarter of data for some things that had been problematic.  ENORMOUS drop in our rate and ratio. It looked so good I even got a mention from the CEO of the organization.  Little pressure to maintain this?  Oh yes.


So.   Looking good at work.  Though in the next few weeks, I have a lot of reports and CRAP to do.  I hope I can do it.  One of my Challenges is that Work, and Training…are only kind of meshing.  It would be really GREAT if one of the other were on auto-pilot right now.  When I train hard, I’m tired, and sometimes thinking about complex problems is hard when one is exhausted.

Similarly….when work is really nuts, it is very nice to zone out when doing a long swim or run, but if one is concerned about what’s going on at work, it is hard to gain the mental focus to just concentrate on a really difficult work out.  It’s all learning.  I am starting see though why some people who really really run or otherwise compete as adults in sports, tend to like those more mindless jobs, like shelf stocking.  I feel like i have an On/Off switch for running and my job.  At my job, all I can think about is my job.  Once I am at the gym or on the road, all I can think about is what I am doing in the training.  If I mix the two it never works.  On occasion I see people at the gym who ask me work related questions.  It always takes a full minute for me to kind of bring myself back to work mode….

This is my Second week of BUILD.  It has been, as one might expect, much tougher than the first.  It came of course, after the first week of build, so my legs started out feeling quite tired.

On Monday I ran a few miles on the treadmill because of rain.  I then swam.  My legs felt kind of fatigued, but after 19 miles the day before…I was really pleasantly surprised that my legs worked at all.

_how_do_legs_work__by_bababug-d57olg4If you like this fun drawing Check out more here.

Tuesday was Transition Tuesday.  I swam…and ran the first mile of what was to be 2 miles.  I quit after the first.  It was steamy and warm and my Garmin ran out of battery.  I can run without music, with out people, without motivational signs, but I really like running with my garmin, even though frankly speaking, I know this loop.  It’s one mile.  Two times around is two.  After the one mile, I hit the pool again for another 1000 yards.  After, I went to the treadmill and did 2 miles.  I was going to do three, but I looked at the clock and decided to just be on time for work instead.  I was ON TIME, even with the weekly locker room avoidance of Janice.  This is very frustrating.  I am in a strange spot. I feel ok towards her, but every time I see her I just feel like, OH WHAT A DRAG.  While the adult thing to do would be to sit and talk about it, I frankly, do not have the energy to go through all that.  Work out buddies should not stress one out like that!

Anyway.  After work I had to run the last mile, and as my garmin was still non functional, I used the treadmill AGAIN. this seems to be the week of use of the treadmill.

LIKE-us-on-Facebook-110For more entertainment involving Treadmills…Go Here!  I have no issue with the Treadmill, but…I hesitate to train a lot on one because after all, races are not run on TM’s and they are kind of boring.

Wednesday…I woke up feeling kind of tired.  But I had an enormous gift from the meteorologists, or I prefer to think God Smiled Mercy down on me and all the other Florida runners.

The Weather really changed.  It did make me want to jump up and shout Hallelujah!.  I was very impressed actually by the diversity in this video and was sooo curious about the choir that I actually went to the FACEBOOK page of the group.  This is a really beautiful project, so if you look at nothing else from this blog, please go look at the FB page.  What lessons this project is going to teach us.  And I thank each and everyone one of the project participants for putting into song how I felt when I started to run on Wednesday.

I did not feel good.  My legs felt like Cardboard.  It was, however, 71 degrees.  For many of you that seems warm, but for us, well that is downright chilly.  I considered the running beanie, but then realized it was after all 71.

After that run I got to work and realized after being there for an hour or two that I was feeling totally tired and very sore.  The Pm workout called for weights.  I sent my coach an email asking if I needed to do weights. I had optimistically thought I could keep up on the weights during the build weeks.  He had kind of smiled and said, lets see how it goes.  He was right…

I got this reply back.

Skip it! The miles are increasing. Weights will need to decrease unless there is a squat in the marathon 🙂 

There is no squat involved in the Jacksonville Bank Marathon.

So with that, I just went and foam rolled like a maniac.  I did free up something going on with my adductor and hip flexor a bit.

I did also have 3200 yards on the schedule, So I did that like a BOSS.  For me it’s a beast of a long swim.  only way to do it was to just go straight through.  and BAM.

I also got some SUPER EXCITING news, which I will have to save I realize for a seperate blog post.  (Whew, rare that I have enough for 2 posts!).

Thursday is usually my short day at work.  I have taken it to do the speed work.  Sadly this week, I realized a bit late in the week that my schedule did not allow for me to have Thursday off.  SO what to do…it is still too warm in the afternoons to do speed work. I thought about arranging it for Friday. Come Wednesday night I still wasn’t 100% sure what to do.  I was pretty sure I’d do it Friday morning, but…

As luck would have it, I woke up at 3 am.  Wide Awake.  I found myself checking my phone for updates and realized that I really was alert and awake.  So, I got up…and went to the track and did the speedwork under the stars.  Speedwork is my nemesis.  Given how crazy my legs have felt this week, I was kind of wondering just how that was going to be.  The warm up was LOUSY.  The weather ws chilly at 63, but the warm up was just awful.  Things hurt. I felt winded, and tired.  Nonetheless, I headed down the hill to the track.  We have a definite lack of night lighting in our town, so I actually could barely see anything.  But I could see the beautiful Night sky.


Well, the names weren’t there but this is what I was seeing.  I ran the first one, and felt pretty roughed up.  Walked it round the track, trying not to vomit.  Ran number 2 and felt better….though not without nausea, this is after all a speed workout.  On my walking recovery I found that I was having horrible negative thoughts again.  I was questioning why on earth I was up in the freaking middle of the night, running in the dark around a track that has a horrific odor.  (Eurotan Sandwich, just kind of rubberized).  I decided to do what I had done during the 19 miler…Just let it pass through.  I did make it through number 3, and then 4.  At 4, I was feeling sort of beat, but knowing I was half way…got me going for 5.

At 5 I started to imagine this:

It was more like toppling of about 10-15 dominoes, but you get the picture.  it was a very effective image.  in addition, I remembered a statement from another runner…. “It always feels better to finish”  So I finished all 8 of them.  I admit, I had a lot of trouble on the last 2 especially.   But when I finished the last one…I actually cheered myself in the dark…out loud…


I scrambled up the huge hill and went to do my warm down on the treadmill. I honestly do not know why i always do the warm down on the mill, but it has become a habit.  I think I just so want to get away from the loathsome track.

I admit, I am also used to seeing my coach early on Thursday morning.  I was hoping to see him to talk to him about my other blog post upcoming.  I did not see him.  I showered and actually walked back into the area…just in case.  and he still was not present.  Soooo….instead of telling him about my 800’s etc.  I sent an email.

After work I foam rolled…and did see him at work.  Clients all over the place.  He seemed to be in consultation with so many people, and working at managing them all, that I just did my foam rolling, waved very enthusiastically at him until he waved back, and then went home.  Poor fellow.  I wanted to chat but I could see it wasn’t going to happen, so when I was waving, he probably was like, “CRIPES…SHE WANTS TO TALK TO ME and I DONT HAVE TIME.”  About an hour or two later, I got a text from him saying that the 800’s were good and that yes I could do what I wanted about the other thing.

Today was another 3200 yard swim.  My first day without running.  I got off work at noon so ran a few errands and then hit the chilly pool.  I then got dressed.  went and foam rolled and did some arms and abs weights.  I did see coach as he does work (though a lot of times I don’t see him on Fridays so I was surprised.)  I’m fairly sure he was doing the watchful eye as I foam rolled, and did pullups.  but he again seemed swamped with lots of clients, so without even waving…I ran some more errands and proceeded to rest.  I still have Saturday and Sunday to train through.

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