30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Wednesday’s child is full of….terrified!!!

Lately I have had the feeling that my days are all running together.  I am working like a maniac at training and at work, so I am having that kind of unsettled feeling as if something has been, or is about to be forgotten.

This is the Build.  I remember it from last time.  For me…I would prefer a build to be at a non-stressful, non-busy time at work and in my personal life, so I could stress out my body with intensity, but keep my mind all nice and tidy. Life…though, thinks differently.

Anyway I just barely got things together to get to work JUST in TIME for a presentation.  Literally, I clocked in and had 10 minutes to make it to the presentation.  I seem to have lost entirely my flash drive, and also my black lights which are important for the presentation.

Presentation went pretty well…and then I headed back upstairs.  The day seemed full of interruptions and playing catch-up.  I had forgotten that I was making a Skylight presentation for our ICU, so I essentially made it in about 4 hours.  It actually came out great.

Through the day I was getting emails from Coach Skeletor.  Mostly about when we were going to meet up for weights.  I was looking forward to this meeting because at this point in my training, I also had a load of questions.  So I was pretty distracted every time the phone buzzed.

I finally made it to the gym, and was pleasantly surprised when one of our elite Triathletes who has always been a bit stand-off-ish said Hi to me and we had a brief but pleasant conversation.

Hit the pool for 3000 yards.  After a while…it was a “just keep swimming”  kind of a swim.  I was aggravated by a minor but irritating work problem and thinking about it was causing me to lose count.  Then handsome triathlete man all of a sudden was swimming beside me in the next lane, so I tried to speed up so I might seem impressive. And I was ROTFLMAO about this because…well, if you are swimmer…and especially one doing a workout, this is typically what you see.

So you can’t really tell what the other person is doing….Competitors swim in the women's 200m butterfly heats during the London 2012 Olympic Games

Anyway, I finished my 3000.  was not thrilled with the time it took and went into the locker room.  I took a shower and was really relaxed, then I saw on my phone that Skeletor was running late.  So I renegotiated the time, which was a good thing because in the end I was almost late.

Got to our meeting spot and he is on a BIKE.  I have a mountain bike in the back seat. He pulls it out. He puts on my helmet for me…And off we go.  right. I can not ride a bike.  I can not.

Girls_learning_to_ride_a_bike_in_the_1930sSo we did circles in the parking lot of gliding and lots of screaming and use of the brakes.  He pushes me up hills and I squeal some more.  This is SCARY stuff for me.  About 30 minutes into the session he looked and me and I at him and I said, “This is ridiculous”  He said, “This is hilarious”

girls_learn_to_ride_bikeI really did not enjoy the entire session because I felt at every moment that I would fall, even though he was pretty good at keeping the bike steady for me.  He kept saying, “Less Vocalization”  more pedaling.

Well, I still can not ride a bike.  But I can coast a little bit better.  I’m going to continue to practice on a flatter area near my apartments.

I told a friend about it and of course she and everyone else found it also hilarious!  So I sent him a thanks email, and told him that everyone is thinking this is terrifically hysterically funny, all except me.  It was not that funny for me!

This morning I get a buzzing on the phone….

Well, it was pretty funny at many points.”

I’m gonna learn to pilot that thing, I am…right after a nap!





  1. mizunogirl

    Reblogged this on Mizunogirl's Blog and commented:

    Unlike most “red-blooded mericans” or actually humans around the world, I never learned to ride a bike as a child…It really limits my sport participation, soooo here is the tale of my bold attempt yesterday!

  2. I LOLd at this, but believe me, I sympathize. I was ten when I first learned to ride a bike, far older than most of my peers, and I was teased mercilessly for being seen riding with training wheels. I was terrified of falling, even though it never actually happened. Much later, I was a little appalled when I realized my son had the same fear. At ten he was still reluctant to ride, even after I bought him a sleek-looking black bicycle with flames painted on the chain guard. 😀 You’d never believe it today: he now participates in alley racing, where the cyclists fly through narrow streets and over catwalks and rails. He also bicycles six miles to work every day and scoffs at my suggestions he get a drivers’ license.

    Meanwhile, every time I get on my bike, I have to give myself a pep talk. I’m still a little afraid of falling, though again, I’ve never taken a tumble on my bike. [Knocks on wood.] My son says I just need to focus on pedaling forward, and the rest will come with practice. He also says if I spent more energy on pedaling instead of yelping in fear, I’d progress a lot better. 😉

    You do have one huge advantage—you can swim. I can’t. I sink like a brick in water.

  3. Love this post, Holly! Keep after it, you’ll catch on & will soon see the stationary bike in the same light as the treadmill. Way to move outside your comfort zone & look for the magic!!

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