30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

MG the Builder….

So… I’ve lived through the first 2 days of the 17 mile aftermath..Started the first of 3 very tough weeks called build weeks.

On Monday I swam a little bit, and I do mean a tiny little bit…took 21 mins.

images-4I am now doing flip turns all the time, not for the “coolness” of it..if there is any….just trying to save time….

The swim was a funny one.  I FELT super duper fast.  Sadly…I got out and calculated the time, and I realized that this was not a super fast swim.

The team has a new coach who is very outgoing and friendly.  I am a bit hopeful that he stays friendly and can possibly assist with the right shoulder ache that is apparently coming from a problem stroke.  We’ll see.  My coach is supposed to help it too, but…there is only so much time he has to spend.

After that I got my shoes on and hit the treadmill for one mile.  I had intended to just do this outdoors, but I forgot my watch TWICE and then I got a text from a friend who was coming, so TM it was.

The first quarter of a mile was kind of creaky.  My legs hurt, they felt strange, and every little sore twinge or ache from the long run was really all over.  After a bit though I actually started to feel better, I got another text from my friend and had to speed it way way up to meet her on time.  so by the end I was running a pace that wasn’t really a recovery pace.  Ah well.

My friend is letting me borrow…

Full_suspension_mountain_bikeI don’t know how to ride it.  or any other one. Sooo, we shall see how this goes.

I got on it for a minute and almost busted my head, luckily she is a good friend and let me borrow a helmet as well.

I was soooo excited, I took a photo and took it indoors to my coach.  He said, well, we’ll see about this on Wednesday….We apparently have a meet up on Wednesday.

I fear I may have irritated him a bit since he was at work, but it was one of those moments that seemed amazing to me.  I also had about 30 questions and so I warned him I was going to send an email.  Ah well….


Today was a Transition Tuesday.



I did a 20 min swim, ran 2 miles and then did another swim and ran another 2 miles.

Janice seems to have stopped stalking me.  She blasted by me at a rocketing pace on my second run.  She shouted out “Last Lap Whoo Hoo!!!”  as if she was thrilled to be out running.  I was just super glad she increased her pace, though I saw as she neared the top of the hill that she was not able to maintain…As long as she is no longer expecting me to run with her, all is well.

Alas when I got back, I realized that I had no clothing for work.  Oh Yeah, that is how I roll….SOOOOOOOOO

rushed home showered and then kind of fooled around so I was 20 minutes late for work.

Post work…I had a very needed sports massage.  It hurt like crazy, but it felt better.  I do appreciate my Massage person.  She actually gossiped a bit, which was odd.

So things are really crazy with the government shutdown, we have a reporting to CDC website that I use…it is “up” but there is no technical support or anything and of course a big part of our reimbursement, well comes from that reporting.  So that’s a blast.

My Dog, poor thing seems to have encountered the mother of all Tick situations.  I found one, then another, and another, and well…I’ve been de-ticking him again and again now.  I got some frontline on him, and am still picking and finding and I hope on thursday to get him in for a bath and probably it will be good to get him a true haircut, he is too furry.

SO that’s my week.

It is a bit tedious.  still

I am cautiously optimistic.  When I was training for Bayshore Marathon after the 17 miler, I felt pretty horrible after it.  This time I felt pretty good.  So…we’ll see.

I have not been given a time for Wednesday…So I hope that will be a go….



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