30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Weekly update pre long run….

So It has been a wild and Crazy rest week.  I never really did update on any of my workouts.



Work really interfered at the end of the week.  But lets start with the beginning of the week shall we?

So Monday said OFF/run 2 easy…so I was a little unclear…did he want me to take Monday off or run, or choose.  So I decided to run 2 easy… after work.  So of course, after work, it began to Rain and rain…so I did that run on the treadmill.  It was ok, but not as easy as an outdoor run.  I just do not love the treadmill….this week it was to adore me though.

Tuesday was a total total adventure.  I had a run/swim/run/swim workout.  I had some concerns about Janice, my workout buddy that I have had to “break up”  with.   This is our typical workout together day.  I did not text or call her or contact her in any way.

So you know it’s a “bad breakup”

breakupnote-12When your workout goes like this..

Drive into the parking lot at about 5:30.  Case the parking lot looking at all the cars to see if one of them is Janice’s.   Breathe sigh of relief that she is not there.  Rush into the gym and get ready for swimming…Swim. on the way in from the swim to the run, peek around all corners. Sigh relief again that there is no sign of Janice.  Run my run.  Cruise in and see Janice’s lock on the locker, rush in a panicked moment to the pool, and swim….looking at the clock I made a bold assumption that she would be long gone by the time I finished my swim.  Finish swim, dump stuff into locker, note with some surprise that her lock is still present.  Run out like a bat our of you know where and assume boldly once again that she will be gone I run really well, and enjoy my run.  I get back and See she is STILL there.  This means she is actually late for work.  So I sneak into the shower.  I recognize her shower caddy.  I stay what is a SUPER LONG time in the shower, but I actually finally end up getting out before she does, Have NO idea what this woman was doing in the shower, but it was sure taking her a long time.  I grab all my stuff and run into the changing curtained area.  Realizing that she really is not leaving I sit down and eat my post workout snack.  Get dressed.  She comes walking by the curtained area and I continue to essentially hide in the curtained area. Eventually I hear her say good bye to the gym attendant and I can slink out.  I am now also late to work.   My thought is that with a bad break up at least the man I broke up with would be confined to a different locker room.

This is so sad, but I am SO not interested in having some sort of conversation with her about this, I just want her to LEAVE ME THE EFF alone!

Unknown-3THere will be more to the Janice Saga.   Stay tuned.  I have to admit that I just do not have the energy to get into it with her.  I do not want to train with her, and I don’t really feel that I want to have a long conversation about it.  I do not want her apologies, or anything, I just want her out of my head.

So tuesday was an interesting day!  In the afternoon, I had abs workout only, so I did that.  I ran into the coach who shadowboxed with me while I gave him “the look”

business man shrug


We talked.  I revealed my awesome plan to run a 5K on Saturday rather than the 2 miler and light cycle he had planned.  I said, Hey I was thinking instead of two I might run like 3.1 this weekend.  He said, Uh ok….then reeled around and said, “Oh and the 3.1 might be in the form of a race?”  I said, well Yeah!  After a bit of fancy dancing with words he said No.  He told me he is worried about my build again in the next 4 weeks.  Soooo, I referenced this gem:



He laughed, and I gave up that idea.  After about an hour, I was super grateful for his advice, I really do not want to get hurt and trying to run a race….well, the only reason I wanted to do it was to try to get a PR and I saw the weather was gonna be cooler.  This is again why it pays to work with a coach.

Wednesday really and truly sucked.



I had to meet the Employee Health RN to give out flu shots.  Flu shots are extremely unpopular with our staff and so it is a chore, and a chore that occurs from 6:30 to 7:30 in the morning.  I had a 5 mile run on the plan so I got up super early and got ready to do the run in the dark.  When I got out there though it was also raining pretty hard.  So…I decided to do it on the Treadmill….AGAIN, a treadmill run.

I find TM runs much much harder than outdoor runs.  I am not good at pacing and outdoors I tend to run, walk a bit and run again.  On the TM it is a hassle to run walk run so I tend to try to just keep the incline up and run.  By the end of the run my hip was bothering me and my calves were feeling the incline.

Some craziness started going on at work.  I was being asked to review data from as far back as 2010.  People were rushing in and out of our office and I was being asked to look at things, but not being told exactly why.  I always appreciate knowing WHY they want the info so I can “spin” it in the right direction.  In this case…I have NO idea.  At any rate, I finally get done reviewing what I was asked to review.  Took a preservative free flu vaccine to the gym and finally had the moment I have been dreaming of for a year.  I gave my coach his flu shot.  Last year he and I went round and round about it, this year, he noted that I seemed to not get sick very often…then he said, “I’ll take it”  I think I will frame his consent for vaccination.  My Flu shot white whale has been slayed for the season, now I need a new white whale.  I expressed to him that some sort of shake up was going on, and he listened for a bit.  Then I went to do my swim.  The swim was Lovely.  only a short one, but after being hunched over my desk all day and the treadmill misery of the morning my back was miserable.  Swam for a quick 11 minutes and went home.

I got a test from Janice letting me know she had registered for a race we had talked about doing together.  I texted her back that I was going to wait.  She then texted me back that she wanted to know how my training had been going and that she missed or swim run workouts.  I thought about it and just did not return the text.

Thursday….I slept in.  I had this ingenious plan to use my 10 hour work day to my advantage and leave on Thursday at 11 am.  Well.  I was rushing through my daily work chores and the phone rang with a woman desperate from another department related to all the stuff I had researched yesterday.  I explained my position on the situation to her and she explained hers and then we got off the phone.  That took a half an hour.  I knew I needed to do some more stuff so I kind of stretched it out a bit, and Lucky I did because in about 20 more minutes the director of HR was in my office and my email was exploding for different data reviews.  So I stayed.  Got all reviews done by 3 pm. The stress was amazing.  While I knew I had not done anything wrong, I also knew something strange was going on.

So I hit up the swim, 1.5 miles.  The water was perfectly cold and the sky was a brilliant blue.  It helped dilute my stress some…After, I had abdominal weights and foam rolling.  I really needed the foam roller after the treadmill.  My right hip was just not like it should have been.  Rolling is always a bit of a painful experience, but it helps.  At some point, I heard a familiar voice and kind of looked up suddenly,  it was just coach working with a rehab patient in the gym area.  He was looking at me though with that worried look and gave me this hand signal with his eyebrows raised…



I nodded at him and he nodded back and that was it.  I guess we have reached that moment in communication…

Thursday night the resignation of the CEO of our parent company hit the big time news.  And I figured out what the heck had been going on all week.  Whew.  Craziness.

Friday…had to give flu shots again so I did a tempo run in the pitch black at 5 am… It was a SUPER fast run, well, the first mile was. the other two were slower, but still kind of fast.

I then went and vaccinated all of the Community College student nurses.  As I was packing up my flu kit, Janice comes breezing in and asks again how training is…. I replied “great”  (true dat!) and she then said good and looked surprised and moved on.  I just really feel like there is a problem here……she needs to leave me alone.  I was kind of hoping to have her give me some space so I did not have to destroy the friendship all together, but she is really being kind of annoying.

Then I did this and that and the other thing, had a nice long chat with my pretend manager in her office about the events of the night before.  Listened to some drivel from one of our abstractors who is a fool.  Gave flu vaccine.  By the time I got home…I fell asleep at about 7 pm.

Today I woke up refreshed.  Did a short run and cycle.  Now…preparing for the LONG run tomorrow.  This is the point in training where I had trouble last time, so I suppose all eyes are on me.



  1. mizunogirl

    Reblogged this on Mizunogirl's Blog and commented:

    yep a reblog, If anyone has advice about what to do with my training buddy….feel free…..

  2. Oh, so awkward. I know that feeling—you don’t really want to lose that person as a friend, but she has enough annoying qualities that you don’t want to hang out with her for long periods, or do things with her that are important/enjoyable to you.

    I’ve been grappling in the same way with a friend who was very close and has always been there when I needed someone else’s help or strength. Recently however, she’s become very domineering and critical. She prods into my personal problems to the point where I’ve wanted to slap her. Finally, I had to have a straight talk with her and tell her how I lived my life was none of her business. She was upset and angry: I’m sure she thought I was ungrateful too, since she’s always been generous towards me. Which maybe was the problem: I may have accepted too much help from her, which made her regard me as incompetent and childlike. Anyway, I haven’t spoken with her since that time. It makes me a little sad, but I feel better for having been honest with her.

    I know you said you just didn’t want to deal with Janice, but maybe the only way to not deal with her anymore is just tell her honestly that she’s not a good training partner for you. It doesn’t have to get more personal than that. It doesn’t sound like you do other things with her—go to the movies or on weekend trips with her—so how close a friend is she to you, really? I also remember a counselor saying to me years ago when I was in a bad relationship, “Give the other person credit and be honest with them. If you don’t think he can handle your honesty, the way you are, unvarnished and truthful, then is he really your friend?”

    • mizunogirl

      I think it may come to that. I was kind of hoping given that we work together that I could somehow fade into the sunset in the training forum, but…. we’ll see.

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