30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Weekly Wrap up!

Wow.   only 34 days between myself and the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon....

and only 14 weeks between myself and my nemesis, the Jacksonville Bank Marathon.  Now, Jax Bank is not a particular nemesis, but “the Marathon”  distance is my nemesis.  I really have not been able to put together any good marathons.  Currently I’m more hopeful, but I still kind of look at the whole distance as kind of a white whale if you will…

Anyway…this week in training was pretty AWESOME!

I though on Sunday that the upcoming week was my resting week.  I was oh so incorrect.  I had been planning on this “rest day”



But I got something else….So, I proceeded to do the entire week, rather than rest.

Monday I swam.  I felt SLOW and tired.  Hit the treadmill for a one mile run for my brain.  I love working with a coach for this reason.  See, there is probably no reason for that one miler except that a few weeks ago he took it off and I wanted it back.  I asked for it back and he gave it to me.  Without some advice, I’d be adding these little “extras” in all over and probably hurting myself in the process without making any progress.

The one mile run is totally for my Mental Health, I believe.

images1love the sticker?  Find it at One More Mile...they have fun stuff and EXCELLENT customer Service.  Anyway the mile significantly cheered me up as well as the swim which was beside the triathlete that I enjoy looking at.  Wow that sound shallow doesn’t it.  Actually I was so distracted by this guy that I never even looked at the time…I just hauled myself out of the pool and left…made me feel kind of like I was about oh 12 again…

Tuesday I did my Swim run swim run workout which was done Sans Janice…and so began the true “I’m breaking up with you” moments.  No more 31493 during my workouts.  I found I felt fairly liberated at the time.  I also found for whatever reason the swim was not that fun. I really felt slow.  The two runs I did were, however, on target.  I still enjoy this workout. I am not so sure why but it is really something that has just enough change ups that it does keep me moving from one activity to another and just as I am about to feel tired, I transition again.

Wednesday was really tough.  I did not have the right rest, and the workout itself was a tough one.  The BRICK.  Now the BRICK is a standard for most tri-athletes.  It has also become standard for me.  I think my coach uses them as a way to maximize training time while reducing impact.  If I ever do a Tri, I swear though I will have super fast transitions since I do the swim run workout on tuesdays and then 2 bike run workouts the rest of the week… anyway on Wednesday, my legs felt like solid marble.  Tight, painful, and HEAVY.  It was only a 3 mile run off the bike and I did it outside in heat and at a snail pace.



I did not love this workout.  I did not get to liking it mid workout, or anything.  I just did it.  My pace wasn’t that slow in the end, but doing the workout still hurt like heck.

Thursday was the crowning moment of this week, truly.

Christian-4-crownThis Crown is from Denmark, where I have never been….

But when I finished this workout I really felt as if someone was gonna give me a really intricate overly crazy crown like this one.  Why…..Because last marathon training cycle...this is where I was…

I totally won this workout.  I was so pleased.  The only thing that made it SUCK was the phone call from work.  Ah work is a killer lately.  I saw my coach….must have been kind of crazy because I walked up and stood right over him (he was sitting in a chair chatting with a rehab patient) and talked to his intern, asking “Have you seen my partner in crime?”  She looked at me like I was nuts and was like, Uh Look down….

He seemed pleased with the intervals.  I know I was.  The last 2 were kind of poor, but there was value in doing ALL of them, even if the last ones weren’t really quality.  We talked for a few minutes as seems to be our Thursday habit and I ran off in my nasty workout clothes to try to fix the issue with my current boss.

My success with the 800’s also confirmed to me that my decision to “break up” with my current training pal was the right one.

For an entertaining descripton of me “casing the joint (gym)”  go HERE.  Training partners…are wonderful things, but you know, like many relationships, they do not always last forever.  Each week I see two guys doing a very long long run in the dark together,  they don’t do tons of chatting or any craziness, but they seem so totally compatible.  I admit to being entirely jealous of that.  My training buddy when we first started training together seemed like so much fun. SO positive and encouraging…over the months though I noted that she was actually holding me back and being very negative in positive clothing.  (do you know what I mean?)  When I first got annoyed with her I thought it was “that point” in marathon training where everything annoys…and that may have triggered it, but really…I just had to break it off.    I am so fascinated by how this relationship which had been so nice went so wrong, I may have to analyze it some more.  I mean we often rely on workout buddies to push and help us through things.  SO how does one know when the time is right to cut it off?

Friday I woke up like, uuggggh.  My everything was SORE.  Not horrible pain, just SORE.  My groin, especially near where I had the surgery was kind of feeling on fire…and my back was stiff.  So…I knew I had done the speed workout to the best of my ability. LOL.

I decided to do Friday’s fun after work, which was kind of silly.  It was a run, a weights session and a swim. Usually I run to warm up, do weights and Swim.  But…as I headed into the gym, I overheard someone say the magic words, “Swim Meet”



So , I peered out onto the pool deck, and seeing a few empty “member” lanes, I quickly donned my suit and decided to do the swim first.  This swim went much better than earlier in the week.  It felt slow, but I just kept at it and got it done well.  I then ran outside which was a total mistake.  It’s Warm here in Florida.  It was kind of a repeat of Wednesday’s run.  I felt like my legs were made of some sort of sticks that do not bend…oh not fun, not fun at all.

Then I did the weights.  During all of this a friend texted me that she and her Mom wanted to have dinner.  She just found out she is pregnant, so i was pretty excited to go see her!  Admittedly, her MOM is more excited than she is but…well, her Mom dosn’t have to go through the labor and delivery and all 18 years of kid stuff….And I admit, I’m pretty excited too.  She is like a sister to me, and her Mom is like a Mom to me too.  Though I do have my own Mom who is Amazing and Awesome as well.

So the thought of a fun dinner rushed me through the push plate lunges, the bizarre made up hamstring exercises and planks.

Saturday…..Another Brick.



This one totally freaked me the heck out.  The run was 7 miles.  Now Seven is a middle to short distance run, but still after an hour on the bike.  WOW.  So, What do I do…go to bed, get up and do the thing.

over this weekend we had a bit of a cool down, (Thank you Jesus).  So I fiddle faddled around and ended up not getting into the gym quite at the time I intended (30 mins later)  As I mounted my trusty stationary bicycle (oh yeah excitement abounds)  I saw out of the corner of my eye, my sweaty coach headed to the front of the gym.  He’s been complaining lately that he can’t get a workout done because people want to talk to him, so I just kind of of sat down on the bike and started.  I didn’t have any burning questions anyway, except for  “What the &@*(!^$&* is this 7 mile run doing?”  and I knew the answer to that.  During my cycle I prehydrated for the run with Carbo Pro, some S-caps, and some caffeine.  I think this made a huge difference.

Post cycle I sucked it up and started what would be a tough run.  Not only 7 miles rather than the 5 I had expected, but it would be on a more hilly route than usual.  I practiced pacing- I ran at what seemed like the slowest pace ever.  It seemed to work well.  The run actually went much better than any this week and during the last mile…well, I almost cried.  Endorphins?  strange girl hormones?  I have no idea.  I just went with it.

Today was a Mid-Distance run and really starts the beginning of a recovery week for reals.

Ten miles.

The temperature was 75 and it was about 98% humidity (It did actually rain a bit there at the end.).  I got up…and got everything ready.  The full moon has disappeared and it was DARK.  I planted my water/carbo pro (turns out I prepped enough for probably a 20 miler…oops).   I was to do 10 with the middle 2 at a HM pace.

I was nervous of course.  So I eventually started.  This is the first time in ages that I was creeped out by the dark.  There were definite spooky moments.  At the half mile mark, I and a car approached the one crossing.  I knew I was not that visible so I stopped, and the car stopped, and then the car driver saw me stopped and then the who goes where began.  I finally just crossed the way and started to jog again…up hill….felt OK…over the bridge and then mile one happened.  Mile 2 then is downhill for the first quarter.  I always struggle with trying not to FLY down hill.  Today I did fairly well though the pace was more like HM pace rather than long run pace.  As I was getting to the end of mile 2 I got really freaked out because I could smell cigarette smoke, but it was still pitch black out.  Now I’d seen other runners, but cigarette smoke it a tell tale sign of someone just standing.  It as in a neighborhood area, and I was totally not approached, but I admit to being super cautious in that area.  I pushed through mile 3 as I was feeling like walking, but was on an incline.  That really seemed to help my pace.  Every creepy moment I had I reminded myself that each mile done before the sun was a good cool mile.  At mile 3.5 I saw my cargo pro mix and paused to grab it.  A cyclist had stopped right in front of the bench where I had left it and was kind of surprised that I went for it.  He apoligized for blocking it, and I laughed telling him, “I’m the one random person who would have grabbed that bottle, how could you have known?”  He grinned and laughed too….I then went on up what seemed like a forever hill to make mile 4….during this time I started to think about how I was gonna handle that HM pace 2 mile section…I was not feeling you know. speedy.

I decided to stop at about 4.95 and walk the 0.05 drink some cargo-pro and stash it again, and to start mile 5 running at a good clip.  At this point i was passed by the two workout buddy guys who are always running.  They said Hi…I said Hi and absurdly told them “looking good”  (they were)…they laughed, I knew they probably weren’t feeling grand.  I started the run…and kind of tried to relax into a faster pace….Mile 5 is up a hill…and I was not having any high hopes for it.  I ran the first half mile and looked down at my watch and found i was not running HM pace but closer to 5K pace.  oops.



So I walked a bit caught my breath put my head down and ran some more. At the 5 mile mark I glanced at my watch and saw a really nice pace!!!!  I was so so excited I did something I am not known to do….I put both hands up in the air like I had just won something!  I also had a tears moment and etc etc etc Hormones?




Yeah.  well, I thought I was kind of alone on the trail….not so much… I turned around and there was a definite distance guy bearing down on me looking at me as if I was kind of insane… Ah well.

I then tried to run the second mile at a similar pace. It should have been easy as it was DOWNHILL all the way, but it was too hard.  I ended up running mile 5 at the 5K pace and then mile 7 at HM pace with a “recovery” mile there at 6.

At mile 8-9 I met up with the same guy I met last week.  he peppered me with questions, and I was a total dork, I forgot to ask him how his run was…or what his distance was, I was just trying to stay upright at that point.  he remarked that I was looking very speedy this week. I laughed, as I realized he had only seen the last few speed miles. LOLOL.

I though we would run more together but his watch beeped for a walk interval and he never caught up.  I did see him finish about 8 mins after I did.  I finished strong and was very pleased with my 10 miler.  I then hopped in the pool and got 1000 yards in which was a piece of swimming cake.

Now I’ve since kind of sat on the couch…slept or played all afternoon.  And soon it shall be time for my true reward..


Lemon Chicken from Golden China.  Yes, Folks, this is not authentic Chinese food at all.  It is made by a very nice sweet young authentic Chinese couple.

lets hope this change in the weather stays…and that my new found speed only increases…..shall we.

This week was so rough at work that I was glad to have a hard week.  i found it really allowed me to lean into Jesus and the promises and assurances in the Bible.  God really does take care of you, especially if you put an effort out yourself.




  1. LOL! My parents loved lemon chicken! Dad can’t eat so well as his dentures are giving him trouble, but lemon chicken was always his first order at a Chinese restaurant.

    The run in the dark does sound creepy. I hate not doing stuff because I’m afraid of being a lone woman walking at night, but there have been enough attacks on women in our town recently that my radar is tuned ‘way high up. I’m cautious and check my surroundings when I’m walking to the car at night, which seems to come earlier and earlier now. If I smelled cigarette smoke or noticed a car slowing down as I approached it, I’d definitely be on high alert. I hope the next runs aren’t so scary for you.

  2. mizunogirl

    I know it isn’t “real” chinese, but I adore it. I have tried it at every place in town and finally found the best one at “Golden China” I often wonder about these folks, as they do not speak English well and seem to live right on the fringe of our community…

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