30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Friday and Saturday

Lets cram it in.

I was frankly too freaking tired on Friday to write a post.

I swam over a mile, did a weights workout and ran a SUPER SLOW and painful 2 miles.

And then went and ate at Steak and Shake with a friend who just found out she is expecting!!!  She chose the place, and I know not to argue with a pregnant woman.  I introduced her and her Mom to the Salted Caramel milkshake, which they both agreed was better than Sex.  I can say it is probably better than some sex.

When I got home from indulging a bit much, I glanced at my Saturday workout.  My eyes flew wide open..



I saw a cycle and a SEVEN mile run.  OK.  I thought it was 5 miles, or 6 maybe.  So I ran off to bed.

Luckily we had a bit a of a cool front pass through and the temps were in the mid seventies this morning.

Of course much to my chagrin, I had to do the stationary cycle first.  I think that is the real kicker.  I climbed on the bike and pushed it.  I actually upped the gear for 1 minute intervals throughout the cycle, but I could not get going any faster than usual anyway.  Ah well.  It’s so funny, I am not a cyclist. I actually should not care a bit about my time on a stationary bicycle, but by about mid cycle, I tend to forget about everything but trying to get the most miles in the time I have….

So I finished off…and got ready for the run.  mixed a new bottle of Carbo Pro and took 2 S-caps (salt tablets.)  I changed my shirt and I admit, i was really dreading the 7.  It just seemed so long.

Anyway.  I plugged into the ipod and went jogging along. I set some very low time expectations.  I am learning pacing still…it’s a huge challenge for me, so I actually am starting now to run what seems to be monstrously slow.

Sign_SLOW_15_MPH_000_0080like this but slower than 15 mph.  My recent problem has been running and gradually increasing speed until I can no longer maintain it and have to walk to “reset” myself.  So today I  just did what felt like jogging for the first mile etc.  It seems to work as my pace was actually just fine and I didn’t have to stop and walk DUH.

I ran and then at mile 3 I started to have to deal with the big hills.  I found myself feeling a little hot, but still improved from the past.

So the run just kind of went.  It was a beautiful thing.  And I was glad to be done.

Now…If I can do ok tomorrow, I’ll be excited about my week in training!!!!

35 days til the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon  and well, about 3 months until the Marathon.  I hope I continue to feel as good as I have.  (despite the persistent HA I have very few niggles and chronic things going on , so yahoo….)



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  1. My food craving of choice when I was expecting was fried chicken and nachos. I shudder, looking back at it, but I’ve heard the cravings reflect what your body may be lacking/needs for the baby—fat, salt, carbs, whatever. A salted caramel milkshake might not beat sex, but it sounds a heckuva lot better than fried chicken!

    Sometimes thinking about having to do a thing, especially when you’re tired, is worst than actually doing it. Good on ya for finishing your workout!

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