30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Rocking Speed work…

So it is official.

I’ve Broken up with Janice.   This is actually funny.  I wasn’t dating Janice. I date Men….. But it felt like a bad breakup.

Anyway, after several months of working out with her, and her basically getting the benefits of my coaches great planning…and listening to her telling me how “the coaching is not helping you”  and criticize…I finally realized that Janice is a bad friend.  Anyone ever had a bad friend? How long did it take you to realize it, and how did you handle it?



Janice does not have tons of friends and does not have loads of training buddies.  I realized this after thinking about it for a while.  She often gathers people who are not as fast as her and mother hens them. She also is consistently trying to make sure I agree with her- real friends do not worry about agreeing on everything.   This is what she was trying to do for me, and she seemed determined to mess up my coaching…it was a constant “why is he doing that?”  “Oh you are overtrained”  oh….

None of her business.  She was certainly willing to do the workouts he provided though.  She is an average runner at best.  I’m a bit slower than average and working to improve.  I can not decide if she just dislikes my coach, or if there was something else going on with her…but as far as I am concerned my coaching is great for me.  I’m in better shape.  I have good support for training.  I am running faster.  I’m not injured.  I don’t get it and I think I failed to recognize her negativity because it makes no sense that anyone would object so strenuously to someone else’s training.

So after her complete effort to try to alter my training I looked at her results.  She did a 70.3 recently.  over 7 hours finished 55 of 59 in her age group.  That SUCKS.  I mentioned this to him and he laughed.  He said he knew he was rude, but he felt like for her to be dishing out this advice when her performances were so bad was “interesting”  he went on to ask if she had ever done a full week of training with me.  (ha ha ha) and then said,  he thought I could do better than 7 hours now…excepting the fact that I don’t bike outside.  So Harummph.

So this morning- she knows is my speed morning.  I got up and just like a bad break up this is how things went.

I cruised the parking lot in my car to be sure her car was not there….

then I ran in and dumped my bag, and then out and started on the warm up mile.  I was still kind of miffed by yesterday’s brick run.  So I took it painfully slow.  I could have carried on an entire conversation.  It was a slow mile but I felt warmed.

I then had to return to the gym for my telephone and bottle of water.  I am STILL sneaking around.  I see Janice’s lock on the locker, and I pull everything out really really fast.  Every woman who walked by made me jump.  I had to go to the bathroom, but I could hear someone in the toilet area…so I went to the other ladies room that is not in the locker room…

I actually held the door open and assessed the bathroom situation…ALL CLEAR!

In the restroom, I felt entirely ridiculous.  Hate sneaking around.  As I exited the restroom, I did see her heading out the front door.  I felt concerned.  Typically Janice will not run alone in the dark, so I was hoping she was not planning on joining me in surprise at the track.  I headed out the back door.  I walked down the hill and admired the enormous moon.

I admit, I was feeling kind of nervy.

I got half way down the hill. and thought I saw Janice running my way in the lower parking lot.  So embarrassed, I tried really hard to duck into the shadows.  Anyway…with all the extra hemming and hawing around I made it to the track kind of later than I would have liked.  I then had a momentary breakdown.

MELTDOWN Press Rel Art 2-1


I sort of paced back and forth feeling completely unsure if this was going to happen.  I had a few moments of wanting to try the 800’s on the treadmill.  Then I just decided it wouldn’t hurt to try.

So off I went.

First 800 was pretty darn great.  I found it difficult but not as hard as last week.

I was really excited, but also kind of concerned.  I mean I had done one last week, and that was it.  So number 2 was critical…

I did my walk around the track and focused.  I did note that I felt much more settled out on the track by myself.  This reaffirmed my “break up” decision.  The walk around the track which usually seems too short, actually seemed almost too long this week.

So Number 2.  BOOM!

boomThe entire time I was running it, I felt like I was going in Slow-Mo.  seriously.  When I stopped the watch, well, this was not Slo-Mo.  This is probably the fastest interval I’ve ever run.

Number 3: sometimes the third one is tough for me, so I started it just hoping to finish it off.  I did pretty well, not as fast as number 2, but number 2 was actually too fast.  all of them actually were about 9-10 seconds faster than the coaches expectations.

I was pleased to have 3 done. I knew though that 4 more were left.  I kept telling myself not to focus on anything but the one in front of me.  Given the problems of last week, I was also patting myself on the back for this week.

While walking my recoveries I really struggled with my mental state.  I kept thinking, “How can do another”  but, when I got to a starting point, I, like an animal just took off and did it.

well, I did it through 4 and 5.  My times were super duper consistent.  I was really excited.  My entire mental coaching seemed to follow this midst, “It would be a shame to stop this repeat now because you are so close to being done”  That and looking for landmarks, like the poles.

Then well…I did do repeats 6 and 7.  Unfortunately, at that point two things happened…The sun came up…and I got tired.  so those last two really were terrible, but still loads faster than my regular run times, so even though not perfect it is still working on the speed.

As is usual one guy joined me on the track.  he is pleasant and did not bother me.  Oddly a car did pull down and I thought the woman in the car was going to join us too, but after watching from the car for about 10 mins, the car pulled out.  I am now wondering if it was crazy Janice.  Her car is pretty generic looking, so maybe.

At any rate.  I hit up the coach at the gym to pay him.  Then I showed him my watch.  His eyebrows rose significantly when he clicked on round number 2.  I got my high five for that.

Now…sadly, during all of this I got the Pissed off phone call from my boss as I have once again forgotten something she needs for this morning.  The worst part about that was that I had thought about the damn thing last night and just out of spite decided to wait until Thursday.  I could have saved both of us a hassle.

SO I had to run over to the hospital in my dripping workout clothing.

Fix the issue then go back and shower etc.

What a cruddy day it is.  With all the reorganization going on I have no idea what is what and I admit to some massive annoyance.

Well…at least the workout worked out…

My job, well it’s really safe, because apparently my current boss can not even access my surveillance system… Oh my.




  1. mizunogirl

    Reblogged this on Mizunogirl's Blog and commented:

    Ok so this post…while running related is also “relationship” related….

  2. LOL! I guess breaking up with a running partner is like telling a person you’ve been casually dating that you have nothing in common, “so stop calling me, ‘kay?” It is a shame, however: you’d think Janice would get the message (few friends? wonder why?) and shut up, or at least do more listening. When an acquaintance starts talking to me in sentences that begin with “You ought to…” or “Why the heck did you do that when you could have…?”, I know it is time to run away. Life is too short to be corrected and criticized like that.

    Congratulations on the fast interval! It’s nice to surprise yourself with a terrific performance, especially if you were feeling down and didn’t think you were going to make it.

    • mizunogirl

      Thanks! I’ve had a fairly consistent headache all week. Work has been incredibly stressful. So having a small success like this is very nice. So looking forward to this weekend!


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