30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Super Fab transition tuesday.

Tuesday was a transition tuesday.

lots of swimming, the coach doubled the swim portion of the workout from last week.  which made me wonder just what was he doing last week anyway..

So I got there nice and early…plunged into the pool and started my workout.


images-4Slug factor seemed to be involved in the swim. In addition, to be honest, somewhere along the way I totally lost count.  I may have swam 1000 yards, and I might have actually done as much as 1200.  I just really lost count.

I finally got out and ran the hospital hill route.  Since it’s a short run, I made it all the way up the Hospital Hill- which frankly, doesn’t seem to be that much of a hill…but yet it has challenged me for about 8 years now.  It was super dark, and lots of cars coming into work kept blinding me with their high beams.

Then back into the pool- I do love how cool and refreshing the pool seems after a short hot run.  I counted better this time, but this time I seemed intent of cleansing my sinuses with chlorine and water.  I got so much water up my nose.  My sinuses were just burning!

SO out again for one more run.  This run I did on Fire station number one route where there is still a hill.  but it has more varied terrain (I mean ok it’s all the same, this is all within one to two miles of the gym…)  SO my time was faster.

On my way out I ran into Janice who had the artificially bright voice of someone who knows that they are probably not really “wanted”  at the moment.  I am going to have to “break up” with Janice…



At any rate, I have not seen her or heard from her since.  I do not think she is good for me!

I then tried desperately to reschedule my massage for Wednesday or Thursday but the Athletes are back in town.  And I do mean Athletes.  yesterday I ran into Veronica Campbell- Brown.    Yes she has had some trouble recently, but frankly speaking, I really think she is super cool.  She is so down to earth friendly and nice.   I did not initially recognize her, and I complained “It’s hot and there are too many miles”  She just bust out laughing and asked me all about my training.  I mean, here I am middle aged white chick…pretty sloppy runner and here she is Olympic super star….asking me about what I’m training for.

So Tuesday was odd.  I never could get in my weights workout.  Too tired.  Now we are at less than 40 days for the half…I am excited and very nervous.  I sure wish work would cool off a bit as well. Whew.


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