30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Monday Funday

So Monday Monday.

With all of my Job stress it was a difficult day, and it did not help that I had one of those enormous HUGE Unicorn Horn Headaches.


I just have not been feeling 100% great lately, too much work and work stress, and stress with friends, and well…it’s kind of that phase in Marathon training too, so shouldn’t be that surprised.

I had on the docket a swim and a one mile run.

I popped into the gym and went to give my trainer an update on the politics of the flu vaccine at the hospital.  Folks- the flu vaccine is not poison.  It has a good track record and frankly, if I never have to see another vial of vaccine, I’d be happy too.

Since my head was killing me SO SO badly I decided to see if I could use my coaches new goggles.    He didn’t have them.  We had a bit of a chat about he weather, my 16 miler, the flu vaccine, and my work issues.  I then went off to swim, and head him yelling after me, “you’re doing great, keep it up”  and for the first time that didn’t sound genuine.  I mean, I think he does think I’m doing well, but…I think he just wanted to be sure he said it.  Ah well, this is the life.

The swim went ok.  My swim lately has been super sluggish.

images-4So I was in full on “suffer”  mode as in- don’t want to do it, didn’t get to loving it while doing it…etc…but yet I’m getting it done.  I got entirely distracted because one of the triathletes hopped into the pool in the lane beside me.  He had been on the treadmill a few days ago while I was biking, and his form is pretty good.  My trainer says it’s horrible, but…when you compare him to the other people (including me)  who use the treadmill- it’s kind of a beautiful thing to behold.  Plus he is fast, and has very efficient foot fall etc.  So I remember wanting to tell him this, but then deciding that it might seem awkward- so I told my coach instead who laughed his head off because the two of them have been training pals n the past.  Anyway…with that distraction, I kind of forgot to even look at the time when I got out of the pool.  At least I remembered to count the laps.  He’s a cool person.

After the swim, It seemed cold out and I almost made a decision to do the one miler outside.  But then I looked at the actual temperature and vetoed that.  It was 84.  Clearly I am a Floridian, if 84 seems comfortably cool.

Ran that one mile out on the mill It felt good.  By the time I got home, my headache was almost gone.




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