30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Wrap up and long run.

Today was my long run.  16 miles..

my-super-psychoSo I actually prepared for this one and got out there early enough.  Sometimes though even the best of plans are foiled by whatever.

I planted my water all over town and pulled into the trail head where I generally start at about 6:09.  I did note there was a bunch of people there, but I just kind of figured whatever, and started to get ready.  All of a sudden I heard one of the people say, “She’s got a headlamp”  right as I switched mine on so I could see in the car.  Great.

It would be Janice.  and John and a variety of people I didn’t want to see, talk to, think about, etc from work.

Janice asked me how many I was running.  I had just told her on Thursday, but I said 16 anyway.  She asked if I had “gels”  and stuff.  I would have smacked her if I could have seen her.  I actually did get a little bitchy saying, “You know I’ve been doing this for 12 years.”  She seemed a little surprised but left me alone saying, “Be careful”.  I need to somehow disassociate myself from her, but without being offensive, it’s a bit difficult.

On the Be Careful…Yup running in the dark is risky.  The trailhead, however, probably had 30 cars already there.  People were cycling in and out of there, running along the trail, it was just like day time.  I had already been all over the first 5-7 mileso f the trail as it were and well….frankly speaking, I am just not one who is nervous about the dark.  I would be in a neighborhood, but the trail, well, it’s hard to just access.

Janice has a thing about running in the dark, she refuses to run alone, and will not go out until it’s light, this is one reason why she is consistently so desperate to run with me.  My thing is that in general, I am not being stalked.  I could be a victim of a crime of opportunity, but it’s unlikely to happen on a trail that is well used, even when it is dark.

SO.  I had to futz around until they started because I didn’t want to start in front of them and then have them pass me.

When I finally did start things seemed to actually feel “ok”


.Somewhere along mid mile two I noted some footfall behind me. It was odd because it seemed to be my footfall. It turned out to be a guy training for Space Coast. He was running about my pace and was friendly. So we ran together for about 3 miles then he dropped me on a hill. I really enjoyed him, just because you know we know nothing about each other, so there was no judgement or assessment made.  He was a little overwhelmed by my 16 on the docket as he only had 12, and my race is almost a full month after his.  I continued into Winter Garden and was happy with my first five miles. The sun had started to come up. So I started to note that the heat was on. Heck it was about 77 at the start with 91% humidity anyway, so more heat….
I love running 16 because the very last part of mile 8- the turn around- has a little bridge, and it seems so different from the rest of the run. So running up on 8 was delightful. Turned around and was looking forward to using my iPod which I should have charged. It worked for all of 2 songs.

Ah well. I felt a definite need for water when I had none, so that was an issue for me.


By mile 11, where my water was stashed (I pick up water at mile three, re-plant it at mile 4, then pick new water at mile 5.5, put it down again at mile 7, pick it up at mile 9 and again at 11….kind of confusing when I write it down…) I was feeling kind of icky. I must have been kind of dehydrated because I was smiling away and having this total thought…of, “WOW, my COACH is a GENIUS- he told me it would suck and now it does! It sucks!” this thought went on for about a mile or two while I rehydrated, and realized that my coach is not that smart, it stands to reason that a 16 mile run in the heat would suck. My coach is quite smart and he is a great motivator.  I always remember a pouty day when I was doing these one legged sit stands in therapy- and finally in frustration told him “normal people use both legs to get up out of chairs….he grinned and said…and do normal people want to run Comrades Marathon? Oh yeah, he has my number.  But in the case of predicting that 16 miles in 83 degree heat and 91% humidity would suck, well…that took about 0.5% of the brain…


Want to know more about THIS COOL ART ABOVE?  CLick on the link!

Anyway, I moved along in a run shuffle, walk shuffle misery. The sun got hotter and hotter and hotter. By the time I finished it was 86 degrees.

I saw some strange stuff on the trail this weekend.

Peacocks.  (actually they live there so it’s kind of normal.)

High wheeler cyclists…

I also encountered lots of pairs of lady runners…what struck me as odd was that I passed 4 different pairs, and overheard all 4 of them discussing another woman’s relationship.  (as in….she and he need to get married,  she says she is bored with him and things need to change…..why is he still with her?  etc etc etc)  This kind of made me feel for the woman not present being discussed, and it also told me a lot about women in general.  No wonder I sometimes seem to gravitate towards men.  I hear they are just as bad though.

I am extremely tired of training in this heat and humidity.  I know it is what it is, but it is hard to tell where I am at.  This run involved some great suffering on my part.  I learned to persevere and to refocus.  I did not, however, really enjoy the last six miles at all.  I also get the funny feeling that if and when it ever cools that I’ll be able to go quite a bit faster than now, and that is confusing to me.

Well, tomorrow may be a rest day. I plan to embrace the rest, hopefully be allowed to stretch a bit…and STUDY for certification exam.  I have been SO sporadic.  Being certified would probably help me in my feelings of job insecurity.


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