30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Ugh Thursday.

Thursday’s Speed work was a total Wash.  a total total failure.  ah well.




I got to bed by 7:28.  Probably fell asleep by 8 or 8:30.  Slept like a total rock.  Woke up at 3:30 am,  snoozed around in the bed until 4:30.

I admit this week has been tough.  At least 6 different people have asked if I was feeling well.   I of course said, “Yes of course!”  But really I’ve been feeling a little bit sick.   Not sick enough that I could justify cuddling up on the sofa in front of the TV, but just that sick enough that EVERYONE and their neighbor is annoying, and little hassles seem enormous.



Anyway, I really felt OK, but I admit, i was feeling very nervous and dreading this workout.

800 repeats times 7.

I never really made it past one.  I ran a warm up mile which was difficult, in the pitch dark.  made my way down to the track and just as I was starting my first 800, Janice pulls up.  I knew she was coming.  I was just kind of hoping she would sleep in, but no.  She showed, and early for her.  Ah well.  I need to figure out how to stop inviting her.

I ran my first one and WOW.  It was SO SO tough.


I found I could barely finish it.  The pace was fine, with in target, but as I walked my recovery, I was retching and retching…which usually does not happen until later in the repeat cycle.  I finished my recovery – chatted a bit with Janice, and started my second one.  She also started one at about the same time.  This always throws me off, and somewhere around the 0.40 mark I just started to walk.  I cooled a little and tried again, and again, the same thing.  So I just gave up.  I walked a bit more and then sat on down, stretched a bit and relaxed.  I was waiting for Janice to finish running, as it’s now dark out here.  She eventually realized I wasn’t running and asked if I was ok.  I told her I was tired.  She immediately said, “Well, that’s overtraining”  and I just about lost it.  I told her NO, I’m actually just tired.

So here’s the deal.  She is not a star athlete.  Her finish times are not impressive, they are average.  She does not like my coach.  She has made that very clear.  She has tried multiple things to try to sort of change that relationship.  Now that I am looking at the situation, I realize this has been going on for at least 9 months.  Any time I get tired, have an off day it’s “your coach is bad for you” She does not use a coach, and it shows, as she is not having PR’s.   I got irritated by it a few weeks ago and it continues to irritate me.  She is consistently full of advice, but I do not actually see her following through on lots of her own advice.

At any rate, I am tired of it.  I had my plan looked at by another coach- mostly at her urging, and also because I was really tired.  The other coach told me that the plan was well written and looked solid and “normal”  so I am going with that.  The other coach pointed out that my nutrition is TERRIBLE!



And with that knowledge, DUH, I made some attempts to repair the nutrition.  And for several weeks my performance got better.  Then I slipped…and my performance is not getting too much better.  Hmmmm.

I admit that I am entirely tired of her, so that anything she does irritates me, even when it is just something normal.  So I need a break.  She seems oblivious, but I think she gets it.  The other day she asked what I was running this weekend, so I told her…. 16…..her response, “Oh I can’t run that much”  my mental response…. “Did I ever invite you to run with me?”  I am starting to really enjoy longs alone, as they are like a puzzle.  Some days I can put it all together, others, some pieces are missing….but to have someone yack at me for 2 and a half hours….NO THANKS.

So…eventually I finished my miles on the TM.  I never really got in more 800’s.  I got in some more 400’s but wow, I just fought to maintain pace.  I eventually just finished off the mileage.

I was slightly disappointed in my failure but I knew that I was tired going into it.  I was more irritated at the whole accusation of overtraining.

So, I saw my coach getting geared up for work, so I went over and explained nervously to him what had happened.  His first response, “Who shot you? you look like someone shot you.”

He asked about the times on the ones I did do.  I told him, and explained how I just could not make the entire 800.  He shrugged, reminded my my other times in the last few weeks have been “good”.  Told me not to worry about it.  I actually complained to him about Janice.  We talked about it and then we waxed on about a variety of things.  Then the conversation circled around to my progress.  I was giggling….Last year at this time, I ran a time trial 5K for the coach.  We had just started working together.  I got SO freaking nervous that I ran too fast and then crashed at the end.  I ran a 35 minute 5K- which is pretty darn slow.  I was so humiliated to tell him this.  This past week, I went out on a 3 mile tired legs “easy” run on multiple hills.  Ran it in 33 minutes- not impressive, but I think it shows the difference.  I reminded him of this and we both laughed and kind of felt pleased with progress.

Then he casually said, “I’d like to see your friend Janice do an entire week of your training, and see how she handles it.”  I then realized that Janice rarely does a full workout with me.  When I do 800’s she typically does less than I do, and when I do a transition workout, she often shows up later and only does parts of it.  Hmmmm.

hmmmmm--large-prf-1286331948I believe I will stick with the coach.

On the positive side of the speed work- last time I was training up for a Marathon I never really got past I think 5 800’s and even then it was only one time I managed 5.  So….having done 6 – 2 weeks in a row at the right speeds…super progress!


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