30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Transition tuesday

Transition Tuesday went pretty well.

I admit that I woke up feeling still very tired and kind of drained.

I took my pulse as I was sure it would be some crazy number like 80.  But no, it was 54.  So, without the pulse being up I had no good excuse to skip the workout.

I headed into the gym feeling kind of happy to do things on my own schedule without a workout buddy.

Swam my first 500.  s2-swimming

Hopped out and was kind of dreading the run portion.  I decided to do one 2 miler on one route and the other on a different route. I started and found that I was actually feeling OK.  Not 100% perfect, but OK.

Big bonus for being the first person to run down that road this morning..

garden-spider-on-web_1177x1758I cleared the path of spider webs.  I am almost sure that this was the spider responsible for this incredibly sticky and enormous web…and I ‘m also almost sure that the actual spider landed on me a few times, as I flailed.  Totally not anti-spider, but I gotta admit, not into the sticky web all over my body either.

The run went much better than I expected, so I was excited after that.  Hit the pool for the second swim which also went just fine.

On my way out for my second run , I think my workout buddy stopped her car rolled down the windows and shouted out my name.  I’m about 90% sure she thought I would just stop and wait for her.  I said, “Morning”  and kept going.  I want SILENCE.

I did speak to her after for a bit…I do feel as if she was waiting around to talk to me.  Right now…my patience is slim.  I’m REALLY tired…training for me pretty hard, I have flu shots to give- the employee health RN is out so it is really my deal.  I also have so many thing to catch up on from my enormous project…and on Thursday a bunch of proposals go to Admin. OH and I got a new BOSS today.  So who the heck knows what will happen.



So yeah.  Tomorrows workout is a fine one, but Thursday’s is scaring the everything out of me, and it’s only tuesday!


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