30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Weekly wrap up.


This week was NOT a rest week!


Tyler the CreatorIt was a really tough week, but I feel like in general, I managed it well. Hoping it does reward me.

Ran well on Monday and seemed to manage the stretching.  I think because I was really sore from the long run, the stretching was of great benefit.


I was able to do the entire 30 minutes this week no problem.

Tuesday was a big brick workout.  I think I handled it pretty well…

BrickWednesday…was the day I thought I was going to get in a lake swim, but that was a wash, So more spinning on the cycle and a weights workout.  I am finding doing the weights to be tough.  My legs were already pretty tired.  I had been very pouty with the guy who writes my plan so I was actually feeling kind of guilty.  He seemed to be watching me do the weights, which is always a bit strange.  I’m never really sure he is watching, but then on occasion he tells me something about my form and I realize he is watching things, which is appreciated immensely.  I can easily screw this up, him keeping me from killing my legs is helpful.

Mid way through the workout, it started to feel pretty good. I do enjoy weights.

Thursday was the feared track workout, which went nicely…

Friday I had weights and a 2 mile run again. The 2 miler went fine, but the weights were really tough.   Maybe I had excess lactic acid, I don’t know, but the lunges were somewhat wobbly and my quads were for sure burning burning burning…Still, I got through them all and did them pretty well.

Saturday: images-4

One more brick.  one more.  My legs were tired. I pushed them on the spin, but wasn’t superbly fast.  I felt it and sweated like a maniac.  I worried too that the tired spin would make the run miserable.  The run was OK.

SUNDAY: I was pumped with the success of the the brick, I felt pretty rested, though I admit I’ve had trouble all week sleeping…work combined with some nerves about the increase in training, I think….

I planted all my water out, got my shoes on and started.  It was cool- at 75 degrees 98% humidity.  For the first 5 miles, things went rather well.  Mile 6 is always a bugger on that route.  Mile 7-7.5 went pretty well, and I was delighted to turn round and start on the second half of the run.  I continued to do OK up to mile 11, and then I started to feel, well… tired.

medium_WheelsComingOffThe wheels started to come off.  I had trouble running even on the down hill areas.  Mostly I found that I was just feeling HOT.  No matter what I did I was having trouble with breathing and feeling hot. My legs did feel tired, but frankly it was mostly a Heat issue, I believe…I hope.

In the end I did 36 miles.  This is my highest running miles in a week…in like, err, since I can recall.  I am extremely pleased that I managed it without getting hurt.  So…wahooo.

Admitting to being quite curious about the up coming week!  The pool is open so my total miles will decrease! (less bike miles) but my running miles are set for sure to increase.  So we shall see…we shall.  Fingers crossed for continuing ability to keep up.  and please please let everyone and their co worker stand in line and get the darn flu vaccine.



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