30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Saturday Brick, Baby, Brick.

Today was a BIG Brick.


Again, I’m no triathlete, but I sure do train like one.

I had a HUGE long cycle on the plan today- over an hour.  and then a 5 miler.

I woke up feeling like I’d like to sleep about 1-2 hours more.  Eventually I rolled into the gym at 07:30.  30 minutes later than I would have liked, but it worked out with the weather being cooler.

I climbed on the cycle.

asleep_wheels500-1I felt like this kid.  But I kind of decided just to cycle along and push it a bit.  After about 20 minute I realized there were no intervals on this cycle, like there usually are. I wonder if they plan writer/coach man forgot them?  He did increase the time, so…maybe the increased time made up for the lack of intervals.

After the cycle, I changed shoes and started out on my run.  I still felt fatigued.  My plan is always to take the brick run slowly and comfortably.  The weather was slightly better, so I enjoyed this a bit more, but not too much more as it was kind of a wet morning so cool with humidity, means I got a very very wet shirt when done….

This workout had me a little nervous, as it is a build week and I am apparently still recovering from the Speed workout on Thursday….It went better than expected, so I am pleased.

lets see if I can get tomorrow done well as well.

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