30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Fun Friday

Oh Friday’s how I love them….



THis was great at work because I figured out how to do ALL of the statistical analysis that my one project required.  WHEE!  Plus, luckily it worked in my favor.  Our research did come out with a good p-value so it can be considered statistically significant.  



Anyway, I am a total Geek/Nerd, but I love doing statistical analysis.  I am also especially gratified when all the work we did (abstracting data from over 1000 charts) came out as relevant and indeed significant.  I can use the data on Monday, which is when that presentation is due.  But I digress.

We also got over 100 flu vaccines given to people who need them, so that was a complete joy.



I dislike flu vaccination season greatly.  People feel super strongly and do a lot of refusal, and whining.  Frankly, after doing a large amount of research, I have concluded that the flu vaccine is valuable, and can help keep people healthy.  So getting over 100 done in a few days was awesome.  It totally helped as I need to try to get about 900 people vaccinated.


Anyway, I have been feeling a little glum lately, so getting some good stuff done at work really did cheer me up.  I just hope my Glum-ness didn’t really spread out over to anyone else.

After work I had to do a bit of a run, and because we were having a pretty bad storm, I  went ahead and did it on the treadmill.  I’m ok with getting wet, but there was frequent lightning.

Run went OK. I felt OK. My left hip flexor is a bit sore probably from yesterdays adventures.  So I just dialed up a slow pace and went with it.  I had the best help ever with Dorothy Norwood…

Shake, shake Shake, Shake the devil off…

I then did a trying weights work out.  It is amazing to me how much the speed workout seems to take out of me.  As I was doing squats and lunges….my quads were feeling very lactic-acidy…just tired out.  I did do the weights workout and thought about how much the strength meant to my running each time I wanted to quit.

I am very curious to see how things go over the weekend.  I feel so much stronger than last year, and I feel better focused.

But it can all change in an instance.   I bashed my ankle on a chair two days ago, really hurt.  Waiting to see how things go…so far it has not been an issue…but….

I have a race in October- the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon.  Hoping for a small PR….we’ll see. Also hoping for Cooler weather.  Also since some local girls have signed up for this one, I am kind of hoping to do quite well, but it’s sandwiched between two long runs, and the marathon is the goal….so we’ll see, in about 50 days.



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