30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Track Town Thursday!

Thursdays workout….

Track on Thursday.

This week was 6 800 meter repeats.

fe8949fb-77f9-443d-91e7-e53480601d09This workout is no joke.  For those not into working out  800 meters is a half a mile.

This workout, also called the Yasso Workout…

I kind of dread this one.  Last night I thought about it, and realized that I was feeling pretty solid this week and I thought for sure that I might be able to do this workout with less sufferring than last time….

Then of course my inner mid too over, and I started to actually have some nausea and lack of sleep when I really should have been sleeping.

Eventually I did fall asleep.  I got up and had to meet Janice in the morning.

Janice has honest to goodness been annoying the crap out of me lately.



I’ve been pretty successful at ignoring her or avoiding her for my other runs, but for track day when it is dark out, I like a buddy.  In addition, sometimes when people annoy me, it’s about ME, not them, so I am trying to let things ride.

We met up and I started bam.  Hit the first one no problems, actually a bit too fast.  Our first walk about the track after was alright.  She chatted about her usual- what is going on at Orlando Health.  We both share the same opinion that the attempts to form a union etc are not going to really result in the improvements that the staff think they will.  I’ve been through this entire thing once before at Duke University Medical Center.  There is no union now, and the nurses quoted in that article, for the most part, are no longer employed.  So..take heed folks. I listened, caught my breath, complained at bit about what was going on with my data and the abstractor working on the data…

Then I ran again.  Good time.

Walk again went OK.

3rd run went fine as well, and I was so glad that I had 3 done.

That walk- for whatever reason Janice…struck.  I am trying to get my mind focused on the next repeat, she is walking really fast and yakking non stop.  I am actually retching a bit from the effort.

Number 4 for me was a no go.  I ran about a tenth of a mile and stopped. My head was not focused.  I walked the rest of the way around the track and started again. I knew that it wasn’t fatigue but that I just had gotten off track.

But I got it done.  After number 4…I had to endure the “Pep” talk  with her giving me tons of “Great work getting out there again”  and it just went on and on and on, with her telling me, “This is how you will be successful in the marathon.”  ALL I WANTED WAS TO HEAR THE SOUND OF SILENCE.


Unknown-1I just kept taking nice slow breaths and focusing on what I needed to do.  I decided that indeed on race day there were going to be maddening distractions etc…and that learning to focus with that going on would help.

She then left and I did my last two.  They were not gorgeous, but…they got done and all under 4:20 whew.

I then slogged up the HUGE hill…and made it just in time to duck in the back door of the gym because my Coach person was going in at the same time.

We talked for a bit and I have to say- he was asking for an 800’s average, and my head was spinning.  I gave him one, but it was wrong…I said between 4:15-4:20 and it was actually 4:16. Anyway, I emailed the times to him.  No response…yet. I wanted a “good job”  but actually I know its a pretty good job, so I can sit and pat myself on the back. LOL.

He looked kind of worried.  Not sure whats up with that, may not have anything to do with me.  Anyway I told him I’d email and then I went to do my cool down, but ran out of time.

Cool down was done… 8 hours later.  Post work.

I felt a bit dorky because as I was leaving the gym, I think my coach was looking at me, probably trying to figure out why i was back on the Treadmill.  OR..he was staring off into my general direction and my own guilt for treadmilling it after the regular workout got me. So I emailed him again…explaining that I was lacking the one mile there and had to get it. One thing is that we are experimenting with a build again and I want to be sure when I say I’m doing well with the miles, that I am actually doing well with them….not cutting stuff off.

So Onwards. Tomorrow is weights.

And in just a few days the POOL will return to my life and I will have no need to stare off at lakes.




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