30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Grumpy Butt Wednesday

Wednesday…not entirely fun…

I was hoping to be able to do a lake swim.

For whatever reason, this was impossible for coach man, and while yes I could go alone, I really did not want to do that.  Firstly, I’ve not been to this lake, and I am always a bit nervous about natural bodies of water here in Florida.

So, I was a little bit disappointed when I asked and he said no, he couldn’t.  He was all excited though because he has his run group starting on Sunday.  I was less excited.  Sunday is my long run day.  Run groups do not run long runs in general, and when I looked at him and said, “I’m running 15 on Sunday…are they?”  He had kind of a look on his face…not sure what it meant, but I think he wants me to join this group, and run with them and all will be happy and joyful…except that they will probably run 4-6 maybe 8.  At any rate, the whole thing kind of made me sad.

I did have 45 minutes to devote to thinking about it on the cycle.  I think I was looking at the swim as not only a way to stop cycling endlessly, but as a moment of relaxation, and fun, and something different.  I was really looking forward to spending some time working on the open water swim and with someone who I do not have to talk about work to.  WHEW, everyone else, conversation turns to work.  So oh well…  Once I realized I was just a bit let down because the lake workout seemed like a load of fun, and the spin workout definitely was just a spin workout, I got over it.  I mean, he can’t do a workout that I needed someone with me to do. Ok.  These things do happen, and in the end I had promised to cycle like a good doo-bee.  (To that he said I would wear the horns off of a Billy Goat- whatever that means?)

I rode for 45 minutes, and the biggest blessing God gave me was in the form of a very Beautiful Triathlete running on the treadmill.

I do not know exactly who he is, he is a nice nice fellow, on occasion he and I have bumped up in the pool and he’s asked how my hip is getting sorted out.  I had never seen him run, but it was something to behold.  It made all the difference….It certainly made the bike ride tolerable at least…  I want to talk to him more…Ha ha, and I want to be him when I grow up!

After I did weights. I enjoyed them ok, and noted that a lot of the exercises seemed to be coming along well.  My shoulders feel stronger, but that may be from the break from swimming, my righty is not irritated.  In general I did  about 2/3 of the workout and went home and wrote this out.  feeling a bit nervy about the speed workout…Its the first week that I can not have off in the morning, and I really want to get the darn thing done well.  Sooo, early start.

Still feeling pretty good.  Just a bit bored.  I need to do something different this weekend…This grind of work/study/train/work study train is starting to get to me.  The training is OK…but I feel the need to cut loose and errr, see a movie?

So while I am feeling a little strange, and odd today, overall, i am still feeling like things with training are moving in the right direction.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow… TRACK!


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