30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Terrific Tuesday!

I do Love Tuesdays!  Even if they are more like Mondays.

love1Seems that Tuesday is just the BEST DAY OF THE WEEK….forget the annoying camel.

Anyway. Our Pool is still.  rather closed.  So  no Transition Tuesday, and thankfully my friend did not join me this morning.

I cycled on the Stationary for an hour getting 16.1 miles in.  It was a bit of a sweaty experience, and it was HARD.  I was going slower than usual, but just could not push it any harder.  The entire time I was cycling, I was worrying about the run that was to come.  My logic, which I think made sense was that if I was pushing like a maniac on the bike but not getting even to my usual speed….that the run would also be a bit like a flat fest.



Well the cycle got done.  It did feel great…My legs felt the usual transition wobbly…

I went outside, it was muggy already but I saw my watch get all the satellites, and just started to run.  I actually noted with some surprise that although my legs felt kind of wiggly and a little bit tired, that they also felt really stable and steady.

Just solid.  It’s been MONTHS since I felt that way.  So I ran, and ran and ran some more.  Took a few walk breaks.

Pounded out the 5 miles with relatively few problems….all except the last mile which has a big big big hill in it, ah well, the hill isn’t going anywhere…



So, I finished off the run.  I then quick showere and ran off to work which was a day of teaching and data abstracting.  Blech.

THen I went for a 30 minute stretching festival.  Yes, it was on there again, because I had said I thought it hard, he added it…


I did it.  Though I am not this flexible, which I’m kind of glad of.

I was about to go home and I impulsively peeked at the plan for tomorrow – Weights, and a 45 minute CYCLE.  So SICK of cycleing.

Went and asked Coach man if we could please hit the lake.  He said he’d sk his wife and we’ll see, so maybe tomorrow the lake instead of the cycle.  (fingers crossed.)  or both.  Ok, so I could indeed swim alone, but there are ANIMALS in the water.  Alligators.  I like to have someone else to fend things off….or at least let everyone know I was eaten…



He does, however, swim faster than I so…I probably would be the one to be eaten…

Cycle is fun but oh so Blah after no pool….

So all in all a good Tuesday.  I am starting to feel this funny thing well up in me, might it be confidence.  (All that could go in an instant on Speed day….)  I noted that I ran 119 miles in August. My highest running miles for at least 2-3 years (Surgery etc).  I’m not in the least injured.  I think things bode well – or at least better for this marathon training cycle….


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