30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Thursdays Fun.

You know..for a rest week…this is turning out to be kind of a busy one.

Thursday had a 20 min bike ride, a 3 mile run with some pickups in it, and Weights.

So, noting our fallish weather… temp 77 humidity 93%  I decided to get the run done in the morning in that delicious weather, and do the rest in the afternoon, when we were to reach temps of 91- which we did.

After Wednesday’s run, I had a bit of a desire to see HOW FAST I COULD GO- within reason.  I still had to follow the workout plan.

I was also still feeling a little bit sore.

SO I started to run, and tried to be sure I was breathing well, and that my legs were working well.  After the first mile- which may very well be my fastest non treadmill mile ever…I felt like the first image.  I am SURE, I looked more like the second.

Unknown-1 images-4What can I say.  I ended up doing 3 miles in under 30 minutes…which is not that usual for a training run.  It felt great.  I was so happy to see that all my summer work had not truly slowed me down at all, it actually was the heat and humidity.

I was very tempted to go right on over to my coach and admit he was RIGHT as usual, but I decided it was probably better to just take the victory and not bother him- he had his patients with him already and well…I had no questions… I just wanted to make some noise to someone who would get it.

goodmorning-rooster-crowingI’m still a fairly slow runner, by most standards, but…I am improving.

Work was again kind of really not fun.  We did some black light cleaning inspections- results were mixed.  One of the regulatory agencies came to do a rapid fire investigation, and all went well.  I learned that some people mis interpret things… and well you know, the day just went on and on and on.  The person that I thought would help me with abstraction of data points filed to get her regular work done, so I am stuck trying to complete 2000 data point abstractions in addition to everything else.

I got back to the gym after work, the 20 minute bike ride was for whatever reason, MISERABLE!

olympic-cycling-1948-22Lets just say I did not feel like these happy ladies.  I lowered the gear and did a slow cycle, pondering how that faster run seemingly tired me to bits.

I then reluctantly hit the weights.

Oddly, by the end of the weights session, I was feeling improved.

Went home slept until thunder came and the trembling 90 pound dog awoke me…

Friday thank goodness is just 2 easy miles, I think I can handle it.

What a confidence builder this week has been.  It is sometimes important to see what one can do with some rest and consistent training.  Whoo Hooo.  It is only 58 days until the Half Marathon….  I am hoping for a PR, but we will see, it is sandwiched inbetween a 20 miler and a 21 miler, soooo, I should probably just be looking at it as a shorter run!




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