30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


I had a temptation to call this post “Wonderful Wednesday”  or something really witty like that. 

Well, It really was pretty darn wonderful…

I woke up this morning, feeling uncommitted to the whole run thing.  I was a wee bit sore from the weights workout.  Not bad, just enough that you know you did something…you know…but not so much that you wonder about Rhabdomyolysis.

I stepped outside to take the wonder dog for a walk and it was…. uh….Not Hot.  It was cool.  To be frank, most of you northerners would think it was still downright muggy and hot, as it was 75 and about 90% humidity.But… I live in a subtropical zone.  

I purposefully did not text my friend about running.  I need to run alone for a little bit- firstly to be freed of her needling conversation, and secondly to find my pace.  

Strangely…when I showed up at the gym, the attendant told me that my friend was texting me…as the locker room was closed for renovation… I was like OH NO… I thought well, she is gone…to the treadmill or the outdoors or somewhere, so I went to quick use the restroom…and bam.  There she was. 



I do like her.  I like doing my tuesday workout with her, and I like meeting her at the track for the track day.  It’s just well….on my other runs, I find it hard to run my natural pace.  She tends to try to coach me, and I already have a coach.  She also was so critical of my coach, and how we work together that I frankly feel kind of pissed at her. 

Yes, I could tell her this.  But I may change my mind after a few weeks.  I am aware that my stress level has been dialed up to 10 recently and thus… rational decisions, not always made. 

She does not run alone much, especially in the dark, so she was eager to run with me.  I told her I was doing the bike first…

and then hung around for a few minutes talking to the trainer girl on the floor…who sympathized with me and explained how she had to stop running with her husband for similar reasons.  (He talked too much…and ran too fast.)

I then went in what I was reasonably sure would be the opposite direction for her.  And it was. 

The air was lovely.  Cool- not too sticky.  I ran the first mile without looking at my watch.  and it was fast.  I have no presumptions that I am getting faster, I think it is all weather related.  Mile 2 was a tough one with some hills that challenged me…but I still managed a beautiful pace.  Mile 3 contains the big big hills and so it was a bit slower.  But still my fastest 3 miler in 4 weeks.  

I grabbed a shower at home and went to work, which was looong and kind of hard.  Nothing too major.  our good friend Dr. W. was back after “quitting” so I went and totally enjoyed rounds with him.  He did not disappoint.  He entertained us all and we all felt quite happy to be there.  

Post work I did a 30 minute spin, and remembered my headphones.

I do recommend Jesus, just like the Canton spirituals….there is just nothing like great gospel music.  

So we shall see how tomorrow goes… I’ll be disappointed if it is not a nice as today, but we shall see….

its still a rest week…

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