30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Rest Week Tuesday

So it’s probably a good thing it is a Rest and recovery week, because work has become a rather delicate MESS..



Luckily, I am in a mood to tackle EVERYTHING.  I suspect my manager is a bit peeved at me because last week she attempted to draft me into a rather large project that really did not involve me, but she needed assistance, and I really did not have time.  So it would appear I’ve been volunteered to rather a lot of projects.  IN addition, a lot of Infection Control stuff has come to the attention of the Senior Leadership, so suddenly, all that data is becoming quite important.

I’m working out exactly how to get them done in my head.  My Manager is a beast, but….she has never met me in beast mode.

So rest week tuesday.  Involved a 20 minute cycle and Weights!

I cycled away…since it was so short, I upped the difficulty level on the stationary, so that made it quite a fun challenge.

Afterwards, I was doing

these and lots of bizarre Coach made exercises.  I did get quite sweaty…

Highlight was that I decided to try the 1 legged squats again and I am MUCH better at them than in the past.

Made a point to stop and chat with him and he did brighten my day a bit.

Nothing major was discussed.  We complained about the lack of pool.  He told me I was doing fine.  He did warn me to actually rest this week because, “It’s gonna get really hard in a few days…”  I shrugged that off, but it now keeps popping up.. YIKES!

Praying for a lot of balance in life right now so I can get everything done!

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