30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Rest week Monday

Wow.  Strangeness.

So last night, I could not sleep. I think it was because I was playing…

MOBY DICK: the video Game   It’s a really silly game, but it did seem to get my kind of riled up.

Go ahead, try it, it’s free.

I think it is easier with a real mouse.

Anyway, after tossing and turning and having fragmented thoughts and prayers, I decided that given that it is a rest week, I took a benadryl, and slept rather, heavily.  I did wake up feeling rather refreshed.   SO…I think that was a good idea especially given that all my training would be afternoon training.

Work today was a BEAR.



It really was exactly like that.

September and October are very tough times at work.  Soooo….this week is funny.  Let me describe my day just a bit.

I get to work…

I try to get settled in and I see that indeed my surveillance system has gone nuts over the weekend.  18 open issues to resolve.  So, I plan out the day and a phone call changes everything…I must go to rounds.  I TRY to go to rounds, but the physician is having an in depth conversation with family at the appointed time for rounds, so I eventually go back…and make the poster for a new policy that will be unpopular…and needed.

I get my boss to approve the poster.  She is grumpy. (She left work early feeling unwell, which she NEVER does, so I excuse her grumpiness.)

I stop poster work and start to deal with the Surgical Site and glucose values project.  I hear a few noises, think it is my boss, and turn round and the Stealthy Chief Nursing Officer has SNUCK UP ON ME!  I am feeling like I was caught in a mess, I keep looking at my desk trying to figure out what on earth I did to it…Messy.



She wanted some slides from the last presentation.  So i fiddled around, still kind of awed that she came to my office..

Found them and sent her away.

I go back to my work, thinking about the fact that she was doing me a huge favor….trying to raise awareness about one of my pet peeves.

Phone rings.  it is her, not understanding the statistics.  Job Security.  I explain and then send some slides that further explain.  Moving along now.

I work on my projects some more…report about 10 cases of Hepatitis to the Health Department.  Place a phone call to the health department as I keep seeing a disturbing trend of a certain type of infections.  Eat lunch at my desk.  Continue to wade through some of the cases.  Write a full report on a Blood Stream Infection…visit the floor where the person with the blood stream infection is.  Talk with the Nurses…make nice with them. Extract information from them…move on.

At 1:30, I have employee orientation…I come on and get going, mid way through…THe very annoying therapy dog owner and dog feel the need to interrupt my segment to introduce the dog.  This would be GREAT…I love dogs….But therapy dog owner is a little TOO into her dog and will not stop without telling each and every story about her dog.  Eventually we get the group focused again, and move on.  I finish…run off… and once I get back to the office, I have no idea which project is most important….

Luckily…for me.. I have so many projects that I made progress no matter what.

At 4:30 I clocked out, kind of wishing I had a little more work time.  (I know right?)

Hit the gym in my hideous purple pants.  It was a short workout, I figured.

20 minutes on the bike- since it was such a short time, I jacked up the resistance.  Whew.  Sweated buckets.



I then moved on to part 2 of the workout.  30 minutes of Stretching.  Well.  This was torture.

stretching_exercises_961905I didn’t really even know what to do…So I stretched for about 15 minutes, got fed up and went for part 3 of the workout.

Run 2 miles… It was 82 degrees.



Hot hot Hot.  I did the run…went back into the gym and bravely tried to finish my stretching.  I made it a total of 26 minutes..

meme-3_1-72-pixelYep it’s gonna be a long week…well, I do have Moby Dick…



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