30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Rest Week Commences! (and wrap up from last week.) and life updates.

Today was the beginning of a rest week.

It was feeling super cool outside this morning:  which means 75 DEGREES  and 99% humidity…

Still with the 2 degree drop and the fact that the run was 1/2 of what it was last week, I felt pretty good.

I ran pretty well overall.  I just do not feel that “fast” lately.  I have been reminded time and time again that it is HOT.  and So it is…. hopefully I will see a slight improvement as the temp gets lower.  I saw some improvement today, but it just feels ick.

I also suspect that there is some weight loss I need to work on.

fat-vs-muscleThis week I have done better at refusing “extras”  Taffy…goodbye cakes…..more goodbye cakes…I have been really good at reminding myself right before I partake that my goal is to lose weight, not to eat taffy.  Sadly, my actual meal choices have been marginal at best.

Anyway, I have no idea what the rest week is composed of…but I hope it will have loads of weights! I’m fairly sure it will not be the pool  as our pool currently looks like:



In general, this week was really bizarre.

Monday and Tuesday went normal and well.

Wednesday my workout was done in multiple parts.  I was very annoyed by my friend who was just running her mouth.  It is a funny thing.  When we first started running together she made this huge effort to “Be Positive”  ALL the time.  If I said something not positive, she would get very upset.  Frankly speaking, some workouts SUCK!  ANd making up something positive about it sounds so ridiculous that it is best to just say, “WHOA, that SUCKED!”  Sometimes things suck so much I am amazed at the suckiness…that I have to laugh!  Lately however, she has been kind of whining about things she does not like about others, and also a bit judgmental.  So. I think I may drift away to do some running on my own for a while.

Thursday was the definite highlight of my week!  I did 6 800’s.  I do not think I’ve ever made it through 6 before.

00008794-imageIt did involve some nausea.  I was amazed at the amount of sweat produced.  As I came into the gym from the outdoors the lady asked if I had been swimming.  At any rate 5 of the 6 were pretty much on target.  I felt a lot stronger.

images-5It is nice to have a confidence boost like that.  It made the rest of my day a lot better, though I admit to feeling quite fatigued after that workout.  The success was SO important to my mental state.  I feel relief and a small bit of pride.  I tackled the tough workout and executed it about 85% successfully.

Friday was quite messed up due to storms.  I couldn’t get into the pool, so I switched up workouts and did the brick.  Because of the storm, most of the brick run was done on the treadmill…which for some reason is always harder than running outdoors.

Saturday I woke up rather tired, but knocked out Friday’s workout.  About half way through the weights workout, I started to really enjoy it.  I do like weights.

So overall a fairly good week.

Work stress is intense again, as I am under the gun to get a TON of projects done all by September.  This has affected my training  bit, especially on long swims/cycles when I have some time to let my mind drift.  I typically do not lose focus mid workout, but when I do, it is usually work related.

I am continuing with reduced hours, which has been a real blessing for the track workout.  I start it and have no worries about time to get it done, so that feels quite relaxed. Just having a few hours off during normal business hours has really reduced my problems with getting things done, like visiting the dentist, or the bank etc…

I have found though that I want to be a bit more budgeted with my money.  So I’ve dropped the Massage to once every 2 weeks, and bought the things I need on sale…

mj1VpQ1lPa0b06lvRjKpZagYes, I now own purple snakeskin-ish capri pants from hind.  I got them at Ross for 7.00USD.  They look a bit eye popping, but for 7.00 they can not be beat.  And who am I trying to impress?  There is just no one at least, no one that I’ve met at the gym that seems concerned about my wardrobe, or me either!  I love my gym, but it is not a place to get picked up…or perhaps I’m just not hott enough!  I’ve made a couple of other choices regarding travel (not to) and other superfluous  purchases. I am also avoiding getting my hair done, and trying to use up everything in the house before I buy more- so lots of strange half finished bottles of shampoo that I didn’t love are being used.  It is not the end of the world, I am just trying to save as I can.  I think in the coming months, I will probably need to cut back a tiny bit more in other ways.  I did start to look up some Christmas Ornament crafts as I’d like to try that out for this year, as I do seem to have more friends this year that I’d like to share the Holiday with.

Other news, my 95 year old Grandma was moved from assisted living to a skilled nursing facility last week.  After she broke her femur, I knew she would not be able to return to assisted living.  I can not imagine the frustration she may be feeling since she is mostly getting around in a wheelchair now.  She has always been a strong lady, but I think seeing her progressing from living independently, to the assisted living to the SNF has got to be a feeling of finality. I need to make a better effort to be in contact with her.  I’m lucky to have her still in my life.

I continue to study sporadically for the Certification in Infection Control.  Once I gain that, I will be free to move about the career field.  I have no current desire to move, but…I also dislike feeling trapped.   I also toy with the idea of moving back to PA to care for my own parents one day.  They both really hate Florida, so…they won’t be coming here.   I shared some slides on the Association for Prevention of Infections website and got HUGELY positive feedback, so I am starting to feel like I may actually know what I am doing there.  It’s just there is a constant battle between making sure we do what is correct and the finances.  I am the one standing for the correct behaviors, and policies…admin of course wants them as well, but then the cost of implementing…gets in the way.

SO as my rest week has commenced, I have started to do the dumb thing I always do when it’s rest week.



Cleaning.  This afternoon, I napped a bit and then scrubbed the floor…on my hands and knees, then I did the dishes, cleaned the fridge (yuck!), laundry, and organized the bathroom cabinet!

Thank goodness tomorrow is work so I can rest!

So yep life is good if a bit mundane…

I think I am in a period of growth and in a bit it will become more clear what I am to do…









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  2. I’m sorry to hear about your grandma. If you’re looking to get closer to them, but not PA, how about Maryland? Perhaps at the the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) – http://www.usamriid.army.mil/? Maybe you can be a civilian and work there. Amazing organization. They’re the ones that dealt with the virus in Reston back in the 1980s(?). I think it was simian ebola. Just a thought. 🙂

  3. I love shopping at Ross Dress for Less. Our local shop carries some nice workout wear, most of it for less than $20, some of it for $10 or less. I just can’t get over some of the more fluorescent colors: I like wearing black bottoms with a colorful but not “wild” top—no animal prints, no florals or paisleys, no big stripes. Lime green I can go with, sometimes pink and maybe teal blue, but fuschia, purple, bright reds and metallics, nope. The dojo I take classes at isn’t a pickup spot either, but I don’t want the sensei to think I’m trying to get anyone’s attention with screaming loud outfits, lol.

    Hope you enjoy your rest week. Sometimes it’s nice to relax and enjoy being a couch potato!

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