30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Sleepy Saturday

So, I believe now that the long workout on Saturday is responsible for most of my feelings of exhaustion.

I woke up late today and still felt like I had taken a huge ride on the pain train…

Pain Train Pic.Which is I suppose what I have done.  My low back and shoulders were especially tight.  THis is probably because of the way I ride the stationary.

Instead of this:



I usually end up after a while like THIS:



Sooo one can see where that might be coming from.  Add in a treadmill run and you are set for low back pain.

Today I had to try to get Fridays workout in.

It was Weights, run one mile, Swim 2500 yards…

SO I hopped on the elliptical because I sure did not want to get on a bike again.

Did about a mile on the lipty to warm up.

Then I started doing the weights.



I was not feeling 100% great.  But as I did the workout, I started to feel much better.  I always try to mix up my weights a bit, so that there are things that involve some loosening and stretching.

Fitness_How-to-warm-up_04v5_Inch-Worm_575x250(1)So I started to feel better.  I do like doing the weights, and such, wish he had not taken the second day away.  He is trying to avoid exhaustion, but the exhaustion…is stemming from that Spin and run workout…

I then finished up, chatted with some work folks…and went for “THE LAST SWIM”

The pool has a tear in it’s lining and needs to be drained and repaired.  So it’s closed for 2 weeks.

So I hit the pool, and really found it slow going.  Pool was wonderful, temp perfect, not over chlorinated for once…Mid swim I actually got HUNGRY.  kind of odd, and I regretted the fact that while I had an orange, it was at home..with all the other oranges.  😦

But I was tired.  So once I finished off my 2500, I felt pretty awesome.  Showered and got dressed and headed out.

After inhaling a lunch…I fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours.  FInally managed to get up and study a bit for certification exam.  I need to continue to focus on that exam as well, as it will be the key to future employment….if I ever want to leave. Lately, I do want to leave, but…we will see.  Love living here, but the job is so stressful….



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