30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Wacky Wednesday

Well.  Wednesday did not go as planned.

I had on the books a 45 minute cycle and a 5 mile run.  It wasn’t a brick, just a do both things today.  SOOO, my hot little plan was to run 5 miles in the “cooler”  morning.  and cycle in the afternoon.

So, I get to the gym, and My friend J. is there.  She is all ready to run with me.  Thing is, I wasn’t planning on running with her.  Work has been very very busy/stressful, and I was kind of looking forward to taking this one easy, listening to some music, not worrying about pace.  But what could I do… there she was.

2 things today that were not helpful.  Firstly, she kind of runs too fast.  I can not keep up.  In addition…she talks, and talks and talks.


Today she was on a roll about my coach and me.  I had seen him yesterday, as noted in the blog here.  Currently, we have established a good give and take working coaching relationship.  She was initially kind of criticizing the plan some more- which she typically does.  She made a great deal of statements about how someone else making a plan- can’t adjust for things like a tired day.  True, though if I have a big problem, I email and he adjusts. As he says, “I never TELL you what to do, I just make EXTREMELY strong suggestions”.   So I deflect that, as I usually do, reminding her of the PR in the 5K, the 10K, the Half Marathon and really the Marathon.  Hmmm.  Guess he’s OK.  She just continues to hammer away at how this is not good for me, and on and on and On….insert Charlie Brown Adult teacher voice.

So 2 miles.  of torture.  I just told her I didn’t feel good and I didn’t want to run any more. I knew I’d have to do it in the afternoon. I was super annoyed because I could have slept in.

This afternoon.  it rained.  I got wet.  I ran a mile, cycled then ran 2.6…Very wet. Miserable.  I was SO IRATE.  If I had had enough breath during the run I would have told her to:



On my way out of the gym for the second time, I get a text from her asking “Track tomorrow”  Since a woman was just abducted in our town when running alone, I think about this carefully and text back. “yup”  I figure at least with Track, neither of us can talk.

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