30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Tracktown Thursday

Thursday is currently speed work day on my plan.

So I rolled out of bed, feeling a mix of anxiety and tiredness.

I do not love this workout.  The thing about speed work is that when it is being done correctly, you do not actually feel very good.

imageLook at the facial expressions.  This is not  pleasant jog, they are straining to go AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

It is kind of hard to purposefully do something that feels pretty lousy, and to continue to push it.

Last week, after an experience with 4484845826_7d408d562d_z

The above items, really affected my workout.  At the end of each interval, my gut started to protest and threaten to spew stuff forth…Never a good thing.  I did 3 good intervals, and 2 very unimpressive ones.  I ran into the coach person that day and he expressed only happiness at the fact that I had been able to complete all 5.  I sent him the times, which was just humbling.  he had the good grace to not reply to that, or ever bring up the time again.  He also seemed to understand that I am not great with food.

So this week, I had a lot to prove, plus, any time I have trouble with this workout, it shakes my confidence.  Given that this workout really railroaded me last training cycle…I have very little confidence with it.

So, each speed workout is kind of like a building block for confidence.  With each 800 repeat, depending on the results, I feel better (or worse).  When I succeed the entire workout, I am on cloud nine….

oie_15205930FHtgH3ow low confidence

So today I got there, met Janice.  She quizzed me about the goal time for my 800’s and then of course GAVE ME HER OPINION on it….As if I cared.  When you want to be badass- you go to the badass.  She is not the badass.  Then she of course tried to launch into a big heavy analysis as to if this speed work will let me reach my goal.  She is messing around with asking what pace my marathon needs to be etc…

Part of what she doesn’t get is that I know I’m gonna get the time I get.  My plan will prepare me as best it can to run as fast as I can, but…there are no guarantees.  So for her to jump in and try to analyze something that I’m not asking for…well…you know.  I do not think she realizes that in doing all this analysis she is actually making me nervous, and also that she is being kind of rude.  I’m going to kind of do a bit of drifting away and refocusing.

Luckily for the warm up mile, she chit chatted passionately about the current situation at another local hospital.  This I can deal with.

We then approached the track.  I bit the bullet and started the first one.  It was as it should have been.  Uncomfortable.  It was still really dark and I could not really see my Garmin, so I was having a hard time seeing the pace, but also seeing the 0.5 mile mark…So I think I ran 0.51

Having completed the one…I did feel a confidence boost.

Number two was a bit better…still felt like terrible when doing it, but I was able to use the voices in my head to push me, rather than to defeat myself.

Confidence meter…UP!

Number three.  Still going along well.  But Number 4 was where I started to have issues last week… SO….

Number 4 went fine.  By now, I am soaked in sweat.  SOAKED.  It looks as if someone had dumped a bucket of water on me.

Number 5 had me very concerned…It was above the target time, but I still felt OK about it.

and BAM, number 6.  VERY much slower than the target time, but faster than last week….

then I hit the gym and ran my one mile cool down in the AC.

When I got back from my shower, there was a HUGE puddle of water on the floor under my shirt.  GROSS!

So this is a total win for today.  I hope to build on this for the rest of this cycle.  Felt GREAT….

I have to remember this feeling for the future.



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