30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Terrific Tuesday.

Well, as you know… I adore tuesdays.

It’s the swim/run/swim/run workout.

I also find I like it because I share it with a friend often, and it seems to challenge her almost as much as it does me.

Today, however, at 5am, I got a text saying “Can’t come, cat ill…gotta go to the vet as soon as they open.”  So, I knew I was pretty much on my own.

Got to the pool a tiny tiny bit (15 mins)  late.

Little Miss Late


Had no real option to hurry up and get in that pool.  My swim suit was still a tiny bit damp from yesterday and I cursed Title Nine for being so slow on delivery of my new tankini, which I wanted to try for this workout.

So I hit the pool, which at 6 am is Chilly!

Swam my laps, again employing the less than amusing Flip turns.  But here is the dealio with them:

images-4Indeed, and since I was 900 seconds short, well, I needed all the 2 seconds I could get.

The Irritating pool sprayers were on.  If you are from up north you may have not seen these monstrosities.



Ok imagine no flowers and lane lines and at the end of each freaking lane, there is a rather forceful stream of water…coming down right where you’d take your last breath before going into the wall.

They do keep the pool temp down some.

So I finished off the 1000 Yards with some joy, and hopped out.  I was determined not to waste too much time drying off, so I threw everything on and it immediately got very wet.  I headed out on the run and found myself chugging along with very little pain or problems.  When I finished I was dismayed to see it was almost 7 am already.  (never did find my 900 seconds….)

So I nodded at the swimming cardiologist and jumped right back in… pronto.

Hit my 500 quickly. and then actually rested for a few seconds (minutes) before hopping back out and revisiting my wet clothes.  I had new dry shorts, but had forgotten a second shirt.  😦  so I started out extremely extremely wet.

I hit the first mile nicely but was feeling the fatigue from the entire workout.  Second mile of the 2 was quite slow.  Ran in, saw it was 7:45.  EEEK.  Managed to clock in at 08:07, right in the last minute of being tardy but not late.  My boss does not care about tardy, but late messes her up when she does the pay.


This evening, I went to give coach man some cash.  He was in a good good mood and we were able to spend some time just kind of reviewing what I’m up to.  He again told me a million billion times I was doing great, and I felt like I was doing better.  Every time I complained about speed and fitness, he went back to “MG, it’s HOT….it’s really HOT”  He made me laugh as he complained about running 8 min miles rather than 6.  I said, where are my 6’s….he reminded me that he has a history of running 6’s…whereas I…do not!  (yet>..LOL) So we chatted and just in general enjoyed each other’s company.

On my way out I ran into several friends from running group and wasted more time chit chatting and in general enjoying everyone’s company!

I’m a lucky person.  So glad I work close to work and can get so much done in the morning.  So glad I have the right coaching for the moment.  Just So glad that I’ve been blessed with these things.



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