30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Monday’s workout.

Apparently on Sunday I start a REST and RECOVERY week.

Today… is not Sunday.

Today was Monday.

It is a recovery day from the long run so I got to hop in the pool.

No workout buddy today so….

s2-swimmingthis was what went on.

I broke it into 3 sets of 1000 yards each.  Whew.  The first 2000 were pretty nice, but the third…

Felt a little like:



Not totally comfy.  But it did get done.

Afterwards, I had my One mile RUN!   I had begged the coach for this.  So I got all dressed up, had a moment of doubt thinking, “Hmmm did I really want this?” then hit the mill.

I decided since I’m trying to get faster, I’d try for a faster mile.  It is after all, only one.

It was a blast.  I just ran along at a fairly fast clip.  It was entirely enjoyable.  One mile is, of course loads shirter than 12 of them.  Anyway,  I enjoyed it SO much that I think I might like running again!


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