30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Training Week Recap- or why I really appreciate my Coach.

Last week,  I experienced a true crisis of confidence.  I had a complete failure at the long run.  I started out, and at mile three, I abruptly turned around and pretty much walked home.  I did a few more miles on the Treadmill, but the entire failure just shook me.   I had had a good week up until then, but the run was HIDEOUS, on top of it, I felt terrible afterwards.

This week, showed why I do train with a “coach”  Sure, I’m not going to the Olympics, or even going to be nationally ranked at anything, so sometimes when I use the term “coach”  it feels ridiculous.  He isn’t, however, a trainer, in the traditional sense…so coach makes better sense.

I sent a pretty whiney email off to the coach, and when he saw me later, he kind of made fun of my distress.  While this  sounds likes, Whoa, what an insensitive guy…. but actually….


His light treatment of the problem let me know that it really wasn’t as big of a deal as I was assuming it to be.  My initial reaction was of extreme annoyance, but when I look at it yeah…I was kind of overreacting.

This week went better.

Monday I did a longer swim, which was nice and fast because I had an appointment, and I needed to get it done. So, this means…Flip Turns.


I don’t mind doing flips, but frankly, I’m not really training for any swimming event, so I tend to not do them…but they do speed up a workout so in the interest of getting this one done, I flipped away.  I did it in the afternoon, so the sun was out and that really helped.

I then asked one of the trainers at the gym if he would help me with my weights like the coach asked me to. He set up an appointment for me on thursday.

Tuesday I did my run/swim/run/swim workout by myself as my friend wanted to do a straight run.  I still enjoyed it loads.  Because I wasn’t chatting, I had better times than usual.  This is a super workout.  I hear I will be doing it in winter, so I better find a fleece bra, I guess.


Wednesday was my long cycle and run.  The cycle went pretty well and the run went “OK”  I saw the guy who was to help me with the weights and he asked me to bring in some of my nutrition too- whatever.  He said he thought some of my performance issues were due to nutrition.  (I’m thinking, I asked for weights help.)

This made me terribly nervous, as I dislike talking to people about food.  So in true disordered eating sense, I went and had Mint Oreos for dinner.  Since this is not such a common occurrance for me anymore. My body decided to stage a revolt.


I woke up in the middle of the night feeling awful.  Not a great way to start Thursday.  Thursday was speedwork at the track with Janice.  I had had a decent success the week before, but this week there was an extra interval added.

Well.  I ran 3 OK intervals, and 2 really BAD ones.  I then jogged up from the track and finished off my cool down slowly on the TM.  My clothes were SOAKED with sweat.  It was very early at the gym and I was surprised to see my Coach already at work in the rehab.  He waved at me and indicated that I could talk to him.  I told him how miserable I felt.  He asked if I had eaten Taco Tuesdaze again.  He asked me how many repeats I got, and I said, all 5.  he said, “OK good job”  I emailed him the horrible times.  He didn’t really respond- was very neutral.  I think later he said something to the effect of “I’m not worried, don’t know why you are.”

Thursday evening I go in to get the weights form assistance I need and find myself feeling OH….this big.


The guy starts asking about my plan, I mention that sometimes I’m tired etc.  he says, “Gee your plan seems basic”  He starts to compare my workouts to his.  He is 15 years younger than me.  So essentially, my entire feeling after meeting with him is that I should NEVER ever enter a gym again.  I start to feel like what I have been doing is just fooling around, and that I am not capable of anything.

WAY TO INSPIRE ~ TRAINER AT THE GYM.  This is his freaking job!

He kind of told me that several of my swim workouts were his “warm ups”- and I’m thinking again….this is supposed to be about ME, and my form, not my swimming, nor what he does for his workouts.

He then looks at my diet sheet that he requested and abruptly did not give any advice about it.  His reasoning, “You talk to J. alot (J is a Registered Dietician…he knows that she knows better than he does. But we are friends, I am not her client.).  So he sort of says he is eating lots of high quality fats etc. Apparently I need to do this as well?

So I go home, feeling lousy.

Friday’s workout is a shorter swim and weights.  I do the weights first and the swim second.  I see coach doing his own workout.  He smiles at me and asks how things are going.  I tell him about my trainer experience.  He laughs, and made some sort of statement about that guy’s ego.   I laugh and say, “Well if my swim warmup is 2800, and then I have a workout and cool down after, I guess I can eat as much high quality fat as I want”….  He agrees and we roll our eyes and move off the subject.  We talk some more.  I clarify with him some more on the new weights stuff.

Not so sure on the “cardio” but its a good exercise.

We chit chat some more about what he is trying to do with me. I explain that I have to redo the morning workout because I got to chatting with J. There was a whole lot of the former and very little of the latter.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? s2-swimming

I guess J. and I needed a chat, and to be honest, a swim workout is not a chat.  It is a great workout when you don’t want to chat.  I told him, oh yeah, we swam 500…He bust out laughing and said, yeah, you need to fix that.

We talk a little bit about other things (not training), and I move on to my actual workout.  Within a few minutes, he has me refocused on what I am doing.  Without any scolding, without any massive discussion on “focus”….just by listening a little to me and answering some questions, I start to feel like, “OK yes, this is where I am at, and where I am trying to get to.”

His weights workout is super advanced, and I looked at one thing he was doing and said, “Ah, I can’t do that” .  Instead of saying something like, “I’ve trained for a long time to get this strong etc etc etc”  All he said back was, “You can’t do this yet…you will….”  I was able to stand a little taller after that.  That is what a coach is supposed to do,  you know.  Encourage you, Push you, and keep you from injury- help you make smarter decisions.  We eventually part ways and he starts throwing words at me about hydrating for the long run.  I explain about last weeks long, and that I didn’t have salt.  He said, do you have salt?  I said, I have table salt, of course.  He gives me the look and leads me over to his “office”  (a drawer in a cabinet) and doles out some Saltstick tabs.  I guess table salt isn’t really a good option.  Again Coach FTW.

I did a nice weights workout and enjoyed the swim.

Saturday was the cycle and run.  As is usually the case, the cycle went fine.  I listened to IHEART RADIO’s  “I believe in the Power of God” station which is awesome Gospel.

Even if you are not a Christian, or you think you don’t like Gospel, it’s hard not to want to get up and shout when you hear this stuff.

The RUN, was hotter than I could imagine.  I did 2 miles at a nice pace and then began the suffer fest.  I embraced it and finished off, and was glad to have finished.

Today was a suck of a run .  12 miles in heat and humidity.  Several problems occurred.  I found since I started back on the speed work, I tend to want to run faster, which does not work on a longer run.  I would start at what I thought was a comfortable pace and then after a half a mile find that I couldn’t really breathe at this pace, but yet I could not just slow the pace.  I had to STOP, walk a bit and try to reset.  Repeat this cycle for 12 miles…see how fun you feel after that.  1795719-english-bulldog-with-curious-expression-wearing-lei-and-party-hat-and-sitting-on-green-background

I planted water on this run and took a bottle from the crook in the tree, drank from it and put it somewhere else, and then forgot that I moved it.  When I got to the tree wanting water, I realized I had passed my bottle about a mile ago.

It got done, a reasonable 30 min cycle also got done.

NOW, gotta go email my awesome Coach….who I appreciate even more than usual, and see what he has in store for me.  And PRAY FOR COOLER WEATHER.



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