30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Wicked Wednesday

Not great.  Not great at all.

My issues started on Tuesday night.  I went to Taco Tuesday!  At Tijuana Flats.

Tijuanaflats1250X846_lznIt’s a funky Florida place, kind of a “chain”  in our area.  on Tuesday, 2 tacos and a drink 4.99.  Can’t beat that.

I had chicken tacos and they were lovely.  Sadly….

At about 3 am I was awoken with a rather upset stomach.  Not so lovely any more…

I_Love_TacosSince I rarely get an upset tummy, I realized with chagrin, that I had no drugs in the house to help with the fact that I did say yes to tacos.  No mylanta, no tums, no alka seltzer, nothing.  I just realized I think I do have Zofran, but that is just for nausea..not misery.

At 4;15 I got up and did my usual routine….

Walk the beast.

1715596pw150Drink some coffee.  drink a glass of milk.  Yes Milk.  It’s digestible. does a body good.  And it actually kind of made my stomach feel better.

I had a 5 miler and a 45 minute spin on the books.  I was a little grumpy/nervous because to get this one done I was going to have to run in the dark.  While it’s generally very safe here…I’m not an idiot and I realize that running in the dark does kind of predispose me to many sorts of problems.  Being that it is such a triathlete mecca, I should not have worried…I saw someone else at least every half mile.

Once I headed outside I realized today was not going to be a great running morning.  It was HOT.  Much hotter than yesterday.  And damply humid.

images-2I had used the bathroom multiple times, so I figured that my taco adventure was O-ver.  Yeah. I was wrong.

I took the first mile quickly, a little too quickly.  Going into the second mile, I was telling myself slow down, slow down, slow down.  There is a long gentle hill during the second half of mile 2. Usually not a problem. But as I hit mile 1.6  I was so nauseous…I considered going back to the gym and quitting.  This is probably what my coach would have preferred.  But you know…I am not a quitter, even when I should be.  I walked a little took some deep deep breaths made some unpleasant retching noises, encountered another runner…(at least it was dark right?) and finally started to jog again.  When I hit mile 2 I was feeling better.  I continued on to mile 3 doing some running and occasional walks.  I encountered more runners…and a cyclist.  I then turned around and made my way home.  Once I got back to the gym…I was still miserable.  Tummy cramps…I changed shirts and crawled on to the bike.  I pedalled for about 13 minutes 3-4 miles.  then my stomach just protested too much.  I hit the showers.

Luckily…my boss begged me to Furlough half a day at work today, so at noon, I went back and killed the 45 min spin.  Admittedly, My tummy still feels strange.

NO MORE TACOS.  tomorrow is swim and weights day and I am saying YAhoo!!!!!  I can not remember what it feels like to run in cooler temps, but I’m willing to find out.







  1. Good lord, you are gutsy, pardon the pun! I never would have gone out running after being sick, let alone continuing to run while I felt like throwing up. You weren’t concerned about becoming dehydrated?

    Anyway, I hope you are feeling better. A doctor once told me he never orders chicken at restaurants because it goes bad so quickly, and most places don’t keep it cold or hot enough to prevent bacteria from growing in it. I tested his advice when I was traveling with a group to Chicago: we stopped at a restaurant that served a grilled-chicken salad, which sounded good. However, I chose a veggie pasta dish instead. It was a good call, as the people who ordered the salad later had to be hospitalized for food poisoning. I spent a lonely day touring the city alone, but I was glad to not be sharing a room with my sick travelmates.

  2. mizunogirl

    It was only a 5 mile run. Very very hard to get seriously dehydrated in that amount of time! I may have to rethink chicken tacos. It may have also been just plain unfamiliar food… but…maybe it was Campylobacter!!!! I did choose to drink a lot of Nuun today…

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