30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Tuesday- terrific tremendous tuesday

Now, if you follow this training blog, and I don’t really think too many people do religiously, as it is not that entertaining. But, if you do, You know I really LOVE Tuesdays.



I have dubbed it “Transition Tuesday”  and it’s a workout not done by a lot of people, but one that probably should be done by some triathletes.

Its the Swim….then run…then swim again…then run again.

This week my entire plan has increased.  I was kind of nervous about it, and I remain a little leary of the entire increase.  It’s a bizarro huge mileage increase- none of the 10% increase that is recommended.  I think I can do it, and my coach has always been more conservative than most.

So…yesterday was an easy day. It was FUN.  My legs actually felt great.  Today I approached the entire workout with a little bit of trepidation.  It was much longer, and I was concerned about my ability to run the 5 miles plus the swim.

Luckily my awesome friend Janice was up for doing the workout, or at least part of it.

I swam the first 1000 yds by myself.  After staying up and watching  Megalodon for Shark Week…I found my swim in the dark pool to be a little more alarming than it needed to be.  And as I looked up Megalodon, I realized that this “documentary”  was actually a “mockumentary”  and I bought it hook, line sinker.



I had to stop doing flip turns.  I was absolutely feeling my HR speed up and even though I know that the whole thing is a bit ridiculous, as I am swimming in a POOL, I still had some issues.  I was quite glad when I saw Janice standing at the end of the lane, all ready for a run.

We ran.  The temperature was better today and so I fairly sprinted up the first hill.  Ran down the second at a very too fast pace, thus running out of steam on the third.  AH well.

We then hopped back into the pool…with the sun coming up and Janice beside me I got over my shark issues.

ANd then we hopped out again. Janice decided to join me on my second run, which she usually doesn’t do.  So 2 more friendly miles in the bank.

And then WORK.

Tomorrow is a very long morning workout again.  Again, I am feeling a bit intimidated.  I am hoping the cooler weather will prevail…but it is Florida and it is August, so….I can hope away…

At least 2 workouts have gone well….  5 more left.  well, 6, I have weights with the coach…lets see if I can vomit on him….shall we?

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