30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

This week in training Wrap up.

This week in training has been essentially a success.  I got all the workouts done.  I even did an extra workout.


Daily Mile says I burned about 6000 calories, maybe more.  (I have not logged my workout from today yet.)

I only ran 26 miles total.  Hmmm. 70 miles total training.

Today I had a very unpleasant long run. 10 miles.  This really is a mid-distance run.  But for me it seemed long as all get out.

It was Very Hot.  I started with an almost full Hydration pack.  As I started running I questioned that choice, as the pack seemed much heavier than in the past.  My legs, like last week, felt pretty tired.


I’m not really sure if my legs are supposed to be tired, or, if I am not really strong enough for the training I am doing.

OR…if it is just that it’s so Warm and humid…that it’s making it hard for me to function.

Could be a combination.

Mile 1-2 went really well, I took some walk breaks but was able to keep it as a pace I wanted.  Mile 3…was also OK, though the pace was a bit off.  Mile 4–5 are essentially up an incline and I started to really feel it.  I was trying to force intervals on myself, or distance based intervals.  Both worked fairly well and got me up the hills.  When I hit 5 and turned around I was really feeling kind of Strange.

At mile 3 and 4 I had considered turning around and going back, calling it a day.  On the other hand…I had asked for an extra workout this week. I did not want to admit total defeat to the plan writer.  But this run was sucking the life out of me.

The second half seemed faster than the first although it wasn’t.  I mused about different things.  Even remembering the first time I ran 10 miles out on the trail.  I was amazed that I had run to another town.  Today I was like, yeah OK, another town, and…. so what.

I was thrilled to finish, I could not stop drinking water.

FInished up with a small cycle at the training center.

Later, I will email my Plan Writer.  I am in desperate need of encouragement.  Hopefully he will feel like providing.  I feel the marathon is SO close, and I am SO FAR from where I need to be.






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