30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Saturday Brick

BrickI do appear to be training for a 70.3.

I’m not I Swear it.

Today’s fun was a bike with some LONG intervals and a run.

I gotta admit, the bike was horrifically long. I saw my coaches car, I think, outside the gym, so I was on the lookout to not get caught not suffering.  But I didn’t see him, which was fine, I had no questions.

At least my phone was working so I streamed I HEART RADIO.  So I had some good listens.


I sometimes think I come off as a funny Jesus Freak on my Blog.

I Do ADORE Jesus.  i also Love Gospel I grew up hearing occasionally  this awesome station from Washington DC.

SO it brings back memories.  I also can not understand how anyone can not love and want to stand up and dance to either

The Canton Spirituals singing Fix It Jesus


The Soul Stirrers Jesus Hits like the Atom Bomb.

Anyway.  Great spinning music.

Sometimes I listen to more modern music, but I usually revert to the Gospel stations.

I was SO happy when the spin was done.  I learned that I had forgotten an extra shirt.  Ugh my shirt was soaked in Sweat.

Well, what can one do.  I strapped on my Garmin and it tried to function badly.  Got it working and took off.  The first feeling of a run off the bike is a sensation that the legs will fall off, or be spaghetti.


But then as I do that first half mile and peek at the watch I see that I can run, even on spaghetti!!!

Did my 4 miles.

Now So tired.  THe dog and I collapsed on the couch for a few hours, but of course I had to get up and make the bold attempt to actually clean the house…it’s the freaking weekend.

I got some laundry done (had nothing to wear for tomorrows run..) and dishes…

Walked the dog, ate some pizza and am not thinking I need to go back to sleep.


We’ll see how tomorrow goes!



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