30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Friday Speed work and “furlough” day

So this morning, I did my Speed work in a cheating way.

I did it on the Treadmill.

I really started to hate speed work during my last Marathon training.  I really really struggled with the Yasso 800’s.  I think, truthfully, my fatigue showed up more in the Yasso workouts.  They are tough ones.

The thought of going back to the track, just turns my stomach.

SO Treadmill it was.

I only had 4 yasso’s to do. So I did a mile warm up then hit the first one…at a fast pace, but slower than my typical outdoors Yasso.  Went well.  HR jumped to 170.  I walked the quarter mile after and HR dropped in about 1 min to 118.

Whew.  Heart is doing what it is supposed to do.

Second one seemed easier, so I jacked up the speed a tiny bit more.  Finished the second one off, did my walk.  Hr dropped.  I started coughing a bit…Asthma is always triggered a bit during speed work.

Number 3, I started to feel a wee bit fatigued.  I pushed through it and was happy to finish it off.

Number 4 also went well.

Admittedly the pace I chose was a wee bit slower than my usual speed work on the track.  BUT..this was a great confidence builder.


I was pleased.  Maybe next Friday I can be confident enough to go try again on the track.The treadmill is kind of artificial.

I then went and worked for 4 hours.  and then abruptly took my furlough day.  I like the idea of the Furlough day, But…I am kind of having some problems getting everything done, too many meetings, loads of reporting to various agencies and well…I would like my 4 hours back.  My preference would be to take some stuff to my home.

But you know, they say I have to take the Furlough, so took it I did.

I ran into one of my old PT people in the gym.  She is a cool lady, who kind of hooked me up with Skeletor.  She looked at me and told me I was really looking good.  This is the third time I’ve heard that this week, so I am now accepting it. YAY for looking good.  Now…SOmeone find me a DATE!!!!

I went Back to the gym.

I did want to speak with coach man, so I did.  I think I terrified him, as I am never in the gym at that time and he was all bent over a drawer and I came up kind of quiet.

We chatted.  And he gave me the A-ok to hit the pool, as long as I stretched out after.

Best thing…He fixed the problem with my phone.  I was THRILLED.  It was a simple fix.  (turn phone off, turn it back on, duh..I actually did not know how to turn my phone off..) . He then explained how to take a screen shot.  I don’t know why but he thought it might help me I guess.  Kind of made me laugh.

The Pool is a blast when the sun is out!!!  So much fun.  I swam almost a mile and then quit. I mean it was a free workout!

After I foam rolled and stretched.

Now, I am having a bit of hip pain, anxiety about work…I feel like I have forgotten something. and a bit of concern about the marathon.  It say 4 months away, but I think it’s more like 5 months, since its almost the last day of December.

We will see what happens.

THis weekend.  Clay trail running.

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