30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


So, it’s Thursday.  The 4th day in my first week of ramp up for Marathon.

I feel pretty good.

A tiny bit of fatigue has snuck in , but in general, I feel good.

Some things have really irritated me.  My Boss is back from vacation.  She is a pain.  Everything I work on she has to tweak and try to make better.  Most of the time she just wants to change verbiage,  like instead of saying “non-patient, non-staff”  she spent 20 minutes trying to figure out that there was no good way to say this.  It is a policy that covers exposure to visitors, volunteers, delivery people, etc…who may get exposed.  We have different policy for staff exposure and patient exposure.  It’s awkward, but, that is 20 minutes that will never come back to me.

I have to roll out new policies.

I have to leave work early as a “furlough” type situation, so I am really shuffling things around to make sure they get done.

My iphone is not functioning properly, so I will have to drive to the apple store.

My ipod shuffle is not working either.

My BODY on the other hand, feels pretty good.  Little bit sore in the quads.  Training is going great.  But I do see also that my life is being whittled down a bit to training, and work and some essentials (dog care, laundry, dishes, groceries).  So I need to plan now, because training is pretty gentle at this point.

Today I did a 2000 yd swim.  Did it with Janice who is pretty darn awesome.  We chatted and what not.  After work I did a weights work out.  It also went OK.  I felt funny all the way through it.  Just kind of out of sorts.

Hopefully after the weekend everything will sort itself out a bit.

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  1. I can sorta see why you might want to look for another word besides “non-patient, non-staff,” if only for clarity’s sake. But then, if you’re writing under deadline or the words pretty much speak for themselves, there’s no point is fussing over the terminology. Maybe your boss doesn’t have enough to do. Or she’s trying to prove to her higher-ups that her job is super-important. :p Anyway, try not to take it personally (though I know what it’s like to work with someone like that: It really makes your jaw clench sometimes). It sounds like you have more important stuff to do with your life. Have a good weekend!

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