30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Yahoo Saturday.

Saturday’s workout was very similar to last Saturday’s workout.

Hour long cycle and a 4 mile run.

THis effectively means two things:

1. I run on very tired legs.

2. I run in some variety of heat as the gym doesn’t open until 7 am.

I got up but casted around, and fiddled on Facebook and really really did not want to go to the gym.  So, by the time I got in there it was about 8 ish.   My coach was leaving, and I realized I was lacking my Garmin.  That Garmin is so often parted with me….it’s freaky.  It needs a homing device. We talked for a few minutes, he really only has one question these days:


I told him I was fine.  My hip was odd. But that’s nothing new.

I went home, got my Garmin, and talked with the gym attendant- making myself EVEN later with this workout.  I figured at a certain point…it is just going to be super hot anyway.

My Spin surprised me.  I on a whim pushed the gear up one to make it a little tougher.  I had some long tempo intervals to do, and so I was a little bit worried about it.

Firstly when I started I was immediately thinking of Dale Tusen.  His horrific death has weighed heavily on me at times.  I have not adjusted to the abruptness of his passing.  One day he was chatting with me via the internet, the next day…I’m missing his comment on my workout and it’s because he’s been killed.  It has left me kind of feeling a bit flat. Dale loved cycling, so getting on the cycle, all I could really think of was him and his enthusiasm, even for spinning….

I listened as I often do to the Gospel I Heart Radio station.  Eventually this song came on, and I was really touched by the words.

I have been working with my coach for about 10 months, and we really have come a long way.

Then Bam, but drippy sweaty legs a burning cycle was DONE, and I had to hit the outside.


90 Degrees, and humid.

I took it real slow and ran ran ran then I walked some.  Ended up with a real slow run.  After all…. It was HOT, my legs were pretty tired…

it was so warm a few times I thought I’d vomit.  But it did get done and I’m pleased.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.



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