30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Living the weird life….


I feel like with this running thing…I’ve somehow re-entered high school again.

I’m training for something.  (Currently I’m kind of in a holding pattern it’s true, but whatever, the coach has the master plan.) So, I’m not tapered, and I’m not always running super fast runs.

As an example:  Saturday I biked 17 miles in one hour.  and ran 4 miles in high heat.  It was a great workout.  I enjoyed it.

When one of my pals saw my bike speed a comment was made that I needed to get outside because the trainer is an artificial way to exercise.  The comment was kind of  odd because she had done the same stationary cycle and was slower than me.  SO I’m like, whatever. I do not own a bicycle, so riding outside is near impossible.  Top it off with the fact that I have NEVER ridden a bike…kind of a silly comment.

Today…I had a little 7 miler on the books.

When I started I realized that I may not have been 100% recovered from Saturday.  My legs felt kindo f heavy or sluggish, or flat.  Whatever you want to call it.  Not like Bricks, more just kind of slowed down.  I think I was just a bit fatigued.  As I want to someday run an ultra, running on very fatigued legs is excellent training.  Mental and physical.



Anyway, I did my run.  I definitely was a sufferrin’ as it was Hot and humid out.  I tried but after 3 miles I found my pace slowing a bit.  My legs felt tired.  I was able to make it up all the inclines on the bike trail, which made me really pleased.  In the end, even though the pace was Slow slow slow, I was pretty happy with this run.

Then I post it on my training site.  Same friend comes on and comments about how she would have “helped my pace”

Funny thing is that she did not even need to be on the training site, it was her rest day.  She was only on there to check my time.  Well… so she saw a slower time, on a training run…. whatever.  It’s what I got today.

What is the deal with this hyper-competitive state we live in.  Everyone must get a participant medal…no one fails, but darn it all…everyone is really checking to see where they are in the pecking order.

Now.  Here’s the deal.  None of us are fast.  She has been faster than me.  I never really cared.  I still actually don’t care.  I like running.  If there was never another organized race on the planet, I’d still run.




running is fun

I think I am going to have to really pare down my friendships to those people who understand:

480454_10151123006817326_764987961_nSad thing is NOW…I’m kind of pissed and want to beat the heck of her time.  SO…it would appear that I am a perfect example of this quote. I’m not joyful, I’m angry.

I myself am wondering how this will turn out.



  1. Competitive people are often insecure, I think. They have to be ahead of everyone else, AND remind everyone that they’re ahead of them. If someone succeeds at something, they have to belittle that person with backhanded compliments (‘Wow, that was really great. Normally you can’t do that sort of thing well’) or comparisons to their own achievements. (‘Back when I tried that, I did a lot better than you.’)

    The sad thing is that when something happens that throws them out of competition—an accident that leaves them injured and unable to compete, an illness, an event over which they have no control—they become very depressed and angry. It’s like they never believed that they were vulnerable, or that they too were subject to forces of nature.

    Running for the joy of it is its own reward. I’m glad you’re happy doing it.

    • it is amazing how people change when you change, if you know what I mean?

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